39、Wahhabi Religious Sect Has Misunderstanding on the Explanation of ‘Mushrikeen

13 April 2015

Mushrikeen’ is a felony in Islam.

Wahhabi and Saud family have massacred Muslim’s other religious sects and non-Muslim heretics in the name of the crime of ‘Mushrikeen’.

But ‘Mushrikeen’ is not something as evil as Wahhabi and Saud family explain.

The original meaning of ‘Mushrikeen’ is that there is only one god on the earth, and no other things can be placed at the same position as Allah.

This is no wrong.

Respecting and loving Allah, however, do not mean we cannot love other things. Other things created by Allah need our kind treatment and our love. Respecting and loving the things created by Allah is a form of expression of respecting and loving God. Allah does not allow people to place other things at the same position as Allah, because Allah is forever supreme.

Allah loves and allows all only if people do not place other things at the same position as Allah.

The respect and love towards Allah and love towards Allah’s creation are not contradictory, everything is created by Allah, and love towards Allah’s creation is an expression form of respecting and loving Allah. The proverb ‘Love me, love my dog’ is the same meaning. It is fine if we do not place them at the same position as Allah, and it is fine that we know Allah is forever supreme.

The hatred towards God’s creation is the hatred and dissatisfaction towards God. Oblique accusation is this meaning.

Allah hopes human beings are full of love. That is the success of Allah and is the real honour.

While Wahhabi heresy can call white black and make a downright lie, changing Allah’s loving world into a devil world.

This needs to be corrected.