38、The Nuclear Negotiation

4 April 2015

This unclear negotiation stands for a worldwide success and progress with great maturity, rationality, and development. However, a few countries like the US cause serious differences and interference in domestic nuclear negotiation reflecting ignorance and backwardness of democracy.

According to Chinese scholars, China politburo’s decision can never be changed by a hundred of the richest Chinese plutocrats. In the US, however, White House’s decision can be changed by only twenty rich American plutocrats.

This negotiation exposed the backwardness, ignorance, and evil of American democracy. But current leaders of the US are one of the most rational, practical, sensible, and brave leaders in recent years, which also show in public opinion polls. Thanks to good luck by now, while no one knows what will happen in the future.

Iran also shows some constructive progress and practical performance in many ways recently. Iran is one of the most sincere countries who try their best to solve the problems. Unlike North Korea who might fight in the negotiation, Iran is a country with culture.

Iran plays an important role and contributes the most in fighting against the IS extremist organisations though they didn’t admit with words.

During the fighting against the IS, Iran believes that there are still some rational people in Islam. The most evil part of Islam is Wahhabi state religion founded by Saudi Arabia, which is axis of evil and the birthplace of the IS. Iran keeps fighting against Sunni, which is more than a sectarian conflict but a fight against evil.

Saudi Arabia should send ground forces and regular army to exterminate IS. Saudi Arabia has the obligations to fight because the evil comes from them. However, they only throw some bombs in behind without showing any sincerity. Moreover, Yemen’s war launched by Saudi Arabia shows their Wahhabi evil nature. In the contrast, Iran shows their determination to protect Islam and the dignity of Allah, which is worthy of respect.

We should also praise some participated countries that show their sense of duty and rationality in the negotiation.

Israel didn’t perform well this time. Although the Bible described the founding of Israel, it caused hurt and hatred of Arab countries with many slaughters and wars. The current attitude of Israel can never solve those hurt and hatred.

Israel didn’t help Iran and Hezbollah fighting against evil IS in the name of God. Instead, Israel bombed army and officers of Iran and Hezbollah. This is shameless and is not a good manner a big country should have. But Israel has never been a big country.

If you don’t trust Iran, ask the US to deploy some nuclear weapons in Israel in case Iran might produce nuclear weapons in fifteen years. Even there are problems, they will happen in fifteen years. There is no need to make a tremendous row. We should calm down.

In these fifteen years, it is urgent and crucial to solve the problems between Israelis and Arabs. If the relations between them turn to harmonious, the nuclear weapon issues will not exist.

Israel should send ground forces together with Iran to wipe out IS. Israel should build friendship and trust with Iran to bridge the gap so that Iran would not use nuclear weapons to beat it.