37、Saudi Arabia’s Invasion of Yemen Is an Unjust War

3 April 2015

Saudi Arabia has recently initiated a war against Yemen. This war is unjust and vicious.

1. This war is a pure conflict of the Islamists. Yemen hasn’t infringed any interest of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia initiates the barbaric war against a sovereign state Yemen purely out of the religious conflict and its fatuous ideology, so it is unreasonable and vicious.

Moreover, the Houthis armament is not a common anti-government force, because they have been energetically supported by the Yemeni army. Fundamentally speaking, this is not a common anti-government behaviour, but a domestic military coup. In other words, it completely belongs to the internal affairs of Yemen, which Saudi Arabia has no reason to intervene.

Therefore, Saudi Arabia’s invasion into Yemen disobeys the international law and ruins the international order.

2. The ideology maintained by Saudi Arabia is the vicious Islam Wahhabis that has caused the severest damage to the world. This religious sect is the most vicious in today’s world. They are the messengers and followers of the devils that just crawled out of the hell. They are purely a heresy and a common enemy of the world.

Almost all the existing terrorist organisations in the world are ‘Wahhabis’, the fundamentalism of Islam originated from Saudi Arabia. Based on our probability calculation and basic logical thinking, it can be reached that Wahhabis is a questionable and evil organisation.

The vicious Wahhabis are not a question of human right or freedom of faith, but injustice and wickedness. This is a question of civilisation and ignorance.

The question with the devil cannot be discussed with belief or human right. What we should declare is justice and civilisation.

The civilised society and all the countries in the world should clearly recognise the vicious nature of Wahhabis and thoroughly draw a clear distinction with it. Moreover, we should eliminate Wahhabis ideologically, because only by achieving that can we return to justice and civilisation.

3. The monarchy of Saudi Arabia is the source of this disaster.

In light of creationism and the Bible, the petroleum of Saudi Arabia was originally a gift left by God to the local people, so it should be the wealth shared by all the Saudi Arabians. However, it was intersected by the king of Saudi Arabia as the private property of his family.

Why are the world’s Islamic terrorist organisations somehow related with Saudi Arabia? Why can Wahhabis exist and expand?

In order to maintain his royalty and reign, and fight for the private interest for his family, the king of Saudi Arabia transformed Islam into a heresy called Wahhabis and designated it as the state religion, which has been forcibly popularised through the royalty. Therefore, the monarchy of Saudi Arabia is the source of the evilness and disaster, and the cradle of the devil.