36、Bountiful Saudi Pay Money to Hire Goons and Accomplices Globally

31 March 2015

Saudi people often give money to other countries. However, gifts blind the eyes and the giving will be repaid. Sooner or later they are going to work for the Saudi even with their life like goons and accomplices. The giving is bundled with price and terms, which indicates that Saudi doesn’t donate for charity but paying money to hire goons and accomplices on purpose.

By contrast, American billionaires also donate very often. Some of them have even established organisations with special intention of calling upon the rich globally to contribute to the poor and take the lead.

Actually, the amount of donations of their donation is quite enough to stage a coup and start a war in some small countries and districts. They don’t follow the Saudi’s style but contributing to the poor.

Doing the same thing with different starting points will bring different results.

American people donate to the poor to help them for benevolence. However Saudi’s donation is to bribe goons and accomplices with purposes and terms evilly and badly.

It is true that donating to poor people is a kind of good deeds and charities thought. But I think it is of low-level because it can only settle problems for a small number of poor people at a seeming level and in a short period. Therefore it belongs to Theravada Buddhism. It is good to give little well and accumulate little virtue.

Mahayana Buddhism asks for greater good and greater virtue. It demands to establish a social system that enables all people and the poor to get rid of poverty and obtain liberation and redemption on a global scale.

However, it requires ultra-super wisdom.

In the past, there were many people intending to establish a system to liberate all people in the world, including the overthrowing of feudal dynasty slavery, overthrowing of feudal dynasty by establishing democratic system, and Marxist’s intension and slogan of liberating all people and establishing a perfect system, which all were interfered with problems and disadvantages and only turned out to be a progress instead of reaching the target.

The existing model and theory adopted in China is an effective approach to reach the target, which has already set an example.

Following Chinese style and putting it into force in poverty countries is some kind of a good deed with merits and virtues, which is more powerful than donation. It can guide all people to settle all problems finally.

I have seen many countries’ politicians acting positively so as not to lag behind. They use better ways to build a better country of their own and solve problems facing their country. They try to help other countries to settle different problems in a better way.

This is charities thought good deeds and benefaction as well as hopes of a human being.

Just as the way Saudi follows, some countries spend money on the way of evil instead of beneficence. They pay money to bribe some countries to setup wars against other countries so as to obtain personal benefit, like the Saudis.

There is a popular saying in China currently that ‘money is capricious’. But Saudi is not ‘capricious’ but ‘behaving badly’ with money.

‘Capriciousness’ is neither good nor bad, but ‘behaving badly’ is an evil and ugly behaviour indeed.

Today, Saudi crazily seizes the oil resources which belong to gods to defend their royal family and personal interests. They invented the evil Wahhabi heresy to remain their obscurantism and governing; they also collected and heir sidekicks, messengers, and goons from Middle East countries to set up evil wars against the sovereign state Yemen, bombing the refugee camp and slaughtering civilians. They are definitely unforgivable evils.

Civil countries should curb such evil deeds. The axis of evil, rogue nature, and Wahhabi heresy should be cleared to maintain a peaceful world.

So clever is the old king of Saudi that I have been failing to catch his tripping as I always intend to criticise Saudi. The new king seems very lovely and has no idea about the situation, thus stirring up trouble as soon as he was in power, which in due time creates chances to collect all the present and past disputes. It’s time to end all disputes.