35、‘Wearing an Over Robe, a Veil, and a Beard’ Shall Be Strictly Prohibited to Wipe Out Islam Extremist Organisations Ideologically

29 March 2015

I consider that the CPC is combat-worthy when working on ideology under the socialist system in China.

Islam extremist organisation is a kind of ideological problem, in ancient, the ideological problem is called rebellion, or disloyalty, impiety, disobedience, heresy, and it may cause decollation. Just like ‘keeping hair or head’ in Qing dynasty.

Indeed, decollation is a way to solve all problems, which can remove out the source of the trouble and wipe out the form and spirit thoroughly.

However, it is civilised now, and the human rights are attached importance. Decollation is not allowed, and troubles are following.

If someone is not decapitated, it is also difficult for him to be changed.

Someone says the two most difficult things in human society are as follows:

1. Give your money to me.

2. Add my thoughts to you.

Transformation of ideology means to change the mind of the opposite side, which is the most difficult thing.

It is difficult, but there are still some methods. From the angle of government, I believe this method is some methods and ideas used in Singapore—power politics and government suggestion.

Freud considered that the religion is a kind of psychological suggestion, which can change the subconscious.

Why do people in Islam extremist organisation wear masked over robe, veil, and beard? From the psychoanalysis, it is a kind of psychological suggestion.

Just like that the Young Pioneers wear red scarf, it is a kind of psychological suggestion: The organisation has admitted me, and I will draw close to the organisation.

The Christians wear crucifix, it is a kind of psychological suggestion: God abides with me, and Christ will grace us.

If this suggestion is broken by external force, then the subconscious will be changed unconsciously.

In ancient, decollation, one side is to execute the troublemakers, and one other side is to show it to the living. It suggests the living, if you act recklessly, you will be decollated. The death is the example.

Recently, the government of China has legislated to stipulate that it is not allowed to wear masked over robe, veil, and beard in Xinjiang. If you are unrepentant after repeated education, then you will be sentenced.

I think it is correct, combat-worthy, while civilised and effective. It is an excellent method and grip, which is necessary to be popularised in the world.

As this law, our government can do some practical works and concrete the ideological work, which is in the air into the specific work object and target.

It can remind the terrorists and those in incubation period all the time that extremism is impracticable, which can be punished and sanctioned by the law.

The government of China publicises helps and educates those people not of the same clan to standardise behaviours through all functional departments. The policies to object to extremism are fully publicised through the changes of clothing and appearance. The sprout thoughts of extremism in incubation period are contained and eliminated through the changes of clothing and appearance.

Wipe out the demon in the rudimentary stage. In fact, it is better to transform, help, and educate their mind that striking the contradictions when it breaks out. This is another form to care, the government is responsible for the people and takes care of them.

Just like the father likes his children. From the religious meaning, this is the love of Heavenly Father that CPC, on behalf of Heavenly Father, gives to the people.

If the children do something wrong, the father will punish them. Just like that those Islam terrorists in incubation period do something wrong, or are going to do that. The country will represent the Heavenly Father to punish them. The punishment is to prevent them from making the bigger mistakes, and it is the responsibility and love to people.

In comparison, it shows that the capitalist countries are backward and ignorant. They don’t have the systematized and efficient organisations while the CPC has, and they cannot organise such huge and complicated project.

They say that is the freedom belief, you can believe what you like and wear what you want to. It will be treated after there is any disaster, or someone is murdered, which is called as the protection of human rights, these are all baloney.

It is irresponsible to those people injured by terrorists, and the terrorists as well. Representing the Heavenly Father, the people and organisation haven’t educated the child well and cause them to do the faults.

Speaking of the counter-terrorism in Western countries, they send secret services to monitor and intimidate the terrorists, which is too stiff.

That executioner decapitating the American reporter likely said that the reason he becomes an extremist is that he was threatened and hurt by secret services from the UK.

In comparison, it is acceptable to send the aunts from sub districts to work for it in China. If it cannot be solved indeed, then the public security organisations go into action, which doesn’t waste resources.

I consider that it is one of the most obvious superiority of socialist system, which is a society with organisation and systematic management.

In comparison, the catchword of human rights and freedom in capitalist seems to be nonsense aiming at the problem to deal with terrorism.

The premise of freedom and democracy is that who we faced are good people and civilised people, only on this foundation the prerequisite can work.

To deal with poverty, falling, ignorance, evil, terror, and demon, only the centralisation means of socialism can work. Just like that in Singapore.

For the common Muslim, it is untouched to strictly prohibit to ‘wearing masked over robe, veil, and beard’.

While for the Islam extremists, it will impact their mentality to strictly prohibit to ‘wear masked over robe, veil, and beard’, which can kill the extremism contradiction in the cradle and rudimentary stage.

I suggest that all countries legislate to strictly prohibit ‘wearing masked over robe, veil, and beard’ anytime in order to defeat the Islam extremism ideologically.