34、Do Not Stop Them to Join the IS

27 February 2015

The IS is the most obvious evil organisation in the human history. It even does not have a basic slogan, which can confuse people’s minds.

Previously, if those politician wanted to launch people to make a revolution, they always made up a wonderful and sweet lie to confuse people’s minds and incite a disturbance.

Now the IS even omits this; they are the pure evil, pure dirty, pure foolish, and pure devil.

The IS even are worse like, this but still there are people who want to join the devil’s organisation. Why don’t we try to stop them to enter it?

The devil shows his original shape is not a bad thing, but a good thing. What we should do is not to stop some guys to join the IS, but to arrange soldiers and chariots to come to the battleground to wait for them and to execute and to wipe them out reasonably and legally on the battlefield. Meanwhile, make them die like a warrior and give the common people an explanation.

Why violate their human rights? Why stop their own self-choices?

They have the right to choose good and evil.

They have right to choose God and devil.

They have right to choose life and death.

This is a process to get rid of toxins.

It is normal that the trash needs to eliminate from the internal of the body.

The whole human society has been polluted seriously. We need to purify the race and to wipe out the devil’s followers and envoys.

If we stop these devils to go to the battlefield and keep them inside of the country, then in the future they will come out with another violent way to harm society.

Let the devil’s envoys and followers join the IS, let them go to the battlefield. Then it is the best ending and choices that wipe them out on the battlefield.

The relation between good and evil always needs a result, an explanation, and a war.

Respect people’s own choices, even death; they should die decently like a soldier.

God needs those devil’s envoys and followers to die earlier and a break to the world.

It is ‘sissy’, hypocritical, and harmful to stop the devil to commit suicide and put them into the prison.

The scientific communism is to guarantee that God’s law can be carried out both from the spirit and material. The devil should be repressed and should be wiped out.

The people who help God uphold the justice should get the infinite material guarantee and due spirit and material reward. The evil should be punished and the devil should be wiped out.

God’s justice should be executed and it is not right to bargain with God about his justice. God’s justice should not be limited.

The fortune created by God is the guarantee of justice, the guarantee of all the things, all the materials. It is holy and inviolable. It should not be bargained.

To those people who betray the justice and God and follow the devil, they will never be forgiven.