33、Mohammed Said the Fire Would Come Out of Yemen

11 February 2015

Mohammed, the prophet of Islam, said, ‘Now the fire will come out of Yemen, which makes people go to resurrection field.’

‘The fire will come out of Yemen.’ This sentence means that Yemen is the place where the ruffians and devils of Islam start to build up their fortunes. Because Laden and the main ringleaders of terrorist organisation of Islam like al-Qaeda, Ai Fatah, Aulaqi, all of them are Yemeni and start to harm the world in Yemen.

‘Make people to go to resurrection field.’ Make all the people go to the battleground, let them kill others or let others kill them, be reincarnated in a new body, and become a new person in the next life.

So Mohammed predicted long time ago that nowadays Yemen would become the nest of ruffians and devils. Yemen needs to wipe out these Procrustes and devils and destroy their nest.

The Wahhabi of Sunnite of Yemen should be exterminated; they are the place of origin of devil, den of Procrustes, and black nest of ruffians. All the devils in the world are developed and trained from there.