31、Religion Should Be the Spiritual Improvement Established on the Basic Guarantee of Society

31 January 2015

A variety of religions can be found in the world today, among which there are also a few mainstream religions.

Freud gives his own interpretation of religion and taboo that they are the results of repeated, continual, and strong hints. Just as Hitler said, repetition transforms a lie into a truth.

This is not without reason. There are indeed some ingredients contained in religion. Religion can be divided into the traditional religion, Orthodox, or small religious ones as well as cults. They all contain the strong hints that Freud said. In addition to hints, Orthodox is also equipped with an imperial decree that adjusts the relationship between humans. The imperial decree also requires repeated strong hints. There is hardly any imperial decree and truth contained in the cults, only the ‘repeated strong hints’ similar to Hitler.

However, for people who do not have religious beliefs, there is always a ‘repeated strong hint’ regardless of which religion. In other words, there are results and components of brainwashing. This is beyond doubt.

People without a religious belief always treat those people who have a religious belief with an inexplicable paranoia component.

Humans are small and insignificant although they have been equipped with certain knowledge and abilities. Relative to the universe, earth is just a speck of dust. The arrogance of humans is pathetic and ridiculous for the whole universe. Human beings might just disappear without a trace if their activities destroy the development law of the universe. As if it had never existed, everything starts over again.

There are so many unknown things waiting for humans to discover. How would human beings be established in the universe? First of all, they need to have an idea of becoming one with the universe, achieving co-existence and common prosperity.

The greatness of the universe and the smallness of human beings are beyond human imagination, which can let humans disappear for many times.

The current status of human beings is that they are incompatible with themselves, not to mention their compatibility with the universe.

Humans are still dirty, ignorant, pathetic, ridiculous, and small creatures now, who still have not learned how to be compatible with themselves, and how to achieve compatibility between humans, including co-existence and common prosperity.

I feel so funny when I watch some science fiction movies, such as Star Wars. Does the battle is needed between stars? Just let humans disappear, that is okay, truly a waste of time. It is just an easy thing. Human beings always pathetically imagine the universe with their own mind and ability, just like to measure the sun with the power of ant.

Religion is paranoia of some aspects, which also can be said to some requirements of spiritual improvement. So people with a religious belief always look down upon the infidels, they think that they are dirt and cheap, which is the cause of killing every infidel.

Let us go back to the original point, how to build a basic social environment, before we discuss on the spiritual improvement.

In my opinion, humans need to first establish a basic environment before talking about the spiritual improvement.

What is the basic environment? That is, the environment established by people without religious beliefs.

First of all, humans return to their original nature, a society without religious beliefs, and some people need to improve their spiritual cultivation, we have no objection, but certain rules and orders are needed.

This is basic ideas and concepts that we should have.

According to the theory of Maslow, the basic needs of humans are hierarchical. Spiritual needs are higher needs, which are established based on the original impulse and the original needs. It is nonsense to talk about spiritual needs if the basic and original needs of humans cannot be met, then it is a cult.

Islam has deviated, and this was the case. But they talk about spiritual needs instead of the basic needs of humans. Praying five times a day makes them a freak. The normal thinking of humans is to talk about material, and then to discuss on the spiritual improvement, spiritual fulfilment, and self-realisation after the material is satisfied.

Is there a title better than ‘madman’ that can be used to describe people who pray to Allah with an automatic rifle all day long while being on short commons, killing people for Allah?

Put spirit aside, and let us talk about material and security satisfaction.

According to the theory of Maslow, physiological needs, to be fed and clothed, having a wife and children is first, followed by security needs. Ensure their safety, security of society. This is an old issue that human society has been studied on and fought for since ancient times. And it is also a popular topic for politicians.

From my point of view, the best answer to this question is the Chinese models, which are also the views and a dominant idea I want to express for writing so many articles.

For the Chinese have no religious beliefs. They always said they have a communistic belief, but in fact, they are not. Few people believe communistic belief. Apart from me, there are some senior officials of the Communist Party. But it is the truth.

For ordinary Chinese, communism is a kind of social environment and social system, rather than religious belief. At least it is not a belief right now.

They live relying on this kind of social system, and survive in such social environment. But they do not believe in this social system.

I recognise the model of China is because of understanding instead of belief.

We insist on a brand when we want to buy a car, it can be said that we believe and trust the brand, but it is slavish to some extent. They do not know the internal structure of the car and why it has excellent performance and why it is reliable and durable, why it is safe and comfortable. They only know it is a brand. However, the designers of the cars do not follow blindly, because they know why.

My understanding of the human society and the Chinese model is by no means belief, nor hearsay, but an in-depth understanding. I have been studying the subconscious of humans and the bottom codes of the culture.

To explain all behaviours of humans, the study needs to be carried out from the subconscious, the bottom motivation and the primitive impulses behind all behaviours of humans.

It can be said to truly understand humans and human society after a complete explanation of various behaviours of humans from the level of the subconscious, and design the best social systems and running model of society.

The Chinese model I describe in the website is the best running model of society in the assumption of a human society without religious belief.

I think it is a basic model that every country should have. Each country can add something to the basic model according to its own situation. For example, religious belief should also be a spiritual improvement established based on being fed and clothed, personal safety, fairness and justice.

But this improvement must be based on the co-existence and common prosperity, without affecting the others.

For Islam, the biggest trouble in the world, a careful study with psychical analysis also needs to be carried out.

Using psychical analysis to analyse the thinking structure and logic as well as the bottom spirit motivation of Shia, Sunni, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the IS, where is the bottom original impulse of their perception of the world? Which things belong to God, and which things belong to the devil?

There are sufficient scientific basis and rigorous logics supporting my identification that the IS, the Sunnite Wahhabi, the Taliban, and Boko Haram, and jihad are pure Procrustes. It is the result of an in-depth study and in-depth psychical analysis.

Strange phenomena of mankind can be easily found. In addition to Islamic Procrustes, there are many others. It would hurt the self-esteem and self-confidence of many people if I list them in detail.

You can analyse your own behaviour through psychical analysis. Always do not do something stupid and poor.