30、Moderate Islam Doctrine Is Questionable from the Perspective of Iran

23 January 2015

Some of Iran’s views are against Israel and America but supporting Islam to rule the world.

Anti-Israel is derived from Hadith. God wanted to punish Jews so God asked you to attack them, but now God wants State of Israel founded. Why didn’t Hadith tell you to help Israel find Israel?

So your so-called Hadith is questionable. It cannot represent God or it has been changed or abridged.

I think the Bible should be the original work of God, but there is something wrong with Hadith. It is not what is supposed to be. God’s will have been twisted in Hadith.

There is no denying that America has its trouble, but Islam has more serious problems compared to America.

American needs to accept criticism and improve its work in many ways. Islam will to be destroyed if it refuses to improve. It is not a matter of criticism.

It is very simple because what America represents is innovation, development, technology, advancement, and civilisation.

In comparison, Islam reflects conservation, old fashion, backwardness, barbarism, ignorance, dirty, and evil.

You always say that America is unjust, unfair, and no peace, but God would rather choose injustice than foolishness and barbarism that are not needed to rule the world.

All kinds of problems emerge as the society is developing. New problems will appear as the old are solved. It is in a process of dynamic balance. No forever justice and fairness, which is also in a dynamic balance.

‘The Tao that can be spoken of is not the constant Tao’ in Tao Te Ching expresses the same meaning. Nothing is eternal. Everything is balanced dynamically.

China has travelled the same road before. It aimed to achieve development, stability, harmony, and justice. Some people think it is right to get dirty first and clean up later. GDP should be the main indicator of national revenue.

In light of China’s development, every step forward in any periods of history and any policies introduced would represent fairness and justice. Corresponding policies should be made under different environments and conditions. Therefore, the meaning and definition of fairness and justice are different. And the practices are different accordingly. A fixed model should not be used to judge fairness and justice, for example, cracking down on Falun Gong cult is an action of practicing fairness and justice. Today whichever organisation is defined as cult needs to be put down just as the way Falun Gong was suppressed. No explanation is needed because this action is to uphold fairness and justice.

What American pursued we can say represented fairness and justice under the social environment and historic background at that time. Although they are not flawless viewed from different perspectives and by different measurements, they signalled fairness and justice at that time. The definition of fairness and justice varies as environment changes. You can’t take what was in the Koran thousands years ago as a yardstick of measuring fairness and justice in modern society. This is evil and foolish.

Injustice is unavoidable. Some people get the bigger share of the pie, while others get the smaller one. All in all, society, economy, technology, and human society need development.

Doing business has business evaluation and doing politics has index of performance evaluation likewise. God will check the indicator of social development.

America’s index is the best. Its ideology is not perfect but it’s in the process towards civilisation.

Islam’s index is the worst. You did some despicable things and your ideology is very weird.

What right do you have to accuse America? You don’t have the right to accuse America of not donating to you and not giving you justice. And this so-called justice is from Hadith that is not recognised by God.

Your self-claimed fairness and justice need a new definition. It is questionable, so it needs to advance with times.

Islam ruling the world is total bullshit.

Walking down the wrong path will be destroyed for causing trouble for God. You will not rule the world but be ruled.

It is right for fairness and justice to unify the world. Fairness and justice need unify the world, but this fairness and justice is neither by your standards nor by Islam’s standards.

Islam is personification of evil, the messenger of demon. You should understand what’s going wrong around you. Your explanation of fairness and justice is a Procrustes kind of paranoid. The definition is used by devil. Devil takes advantage of your ignorant and barbaric understanding of fairness and justice to make a mess to up against God. You become the accomplice and follower of devil and synonym of barbarism, foolishness, and evil. You need reflection and punish.

Religions should do what they are supposed to do. You can chant your holy book and worship your God, but you should not take seizing power as your goal, otherwise it is a cult that should be suppressed without any explanation and discuss. Your doctrine was wrong since Mohammed. It needs to be corrected or it is a cult.

In a word, in God’s created world, it is always right when a man works hard to build a fortune and develop human civilisation. He deserves appreciation and support no matter how hard it is or how bumpy the road he travels because they are making the world a better place as God’s wish. They help develop human society such as America and China.

You don’t work hard to create a fortune but find all kinds of excuses to envy and hate others especially those people and nations who are more excellent and rich than you, which is the ugliest behaviour. God will discard and punish you no matter what excuses and pretexts you make because it is against God’s will. Animosity is the hatred and dissatisfaction about God. It is evil just like you hate Israelis and Americans. It is extremely ugly and terrible when you don’t develop human civilisation but envy and hate others. It is an evil thing that should be combatted.