29、As Recorded in the Bible, Islamic Extremists Refer to the Religion That Worships the Beast and Image of the Beast and Acts Monstrously

19 January 2015

What is the beast? And what does acting monstrously mean?

Acting monstrously refers to hanging human heads on the telegraph pole, circumcising women, and killing people with stones. Rapists shall be sentenced to death, those who commit adultery shall be sentenced to death, and so do those who steal things. Those who eat pork shall be stabbed to death. Both men and women cover their faces with a rag for fear that people might know what they look like, they dare not show their faces. They give birth to babies but do not raise them correctly as they should, repetitive manufacturing high-quantity but low-quality population. Kids and pregnant women are forced to be suicide bombers. Born to be humble and valueless, born to be terrorists, Islamic extremists kill people and set places on fire, committing all manners of crimes.

Are those brutal acts? Are those monstrous acts? That is the weird and monstrous ideology in the eyes of American and British people.

If those were not brutal acts, then what are brutal acts? If those were not weird, then what is weird? If those were not monstrous, then what is monstrous?

According to the Bible, they worship the beast and its image. Islamic extremist groups worship the beast five times a day, which shall not be altered under any circumstances. And that is worshiping the beast and its image.

It is also recorded in the Bible that these people make the fire come down from the heaven. There are guided missiles dropping from the skies to attack these Islamic gangsters every day, and that is fire coming down from the heaven.

Where do those guided missiles come from? Those hooligans get themselves into trouble, don’t they? It is the righteous fire. The fire is brought about by devils, but Islamic gangsters confuse people and slander God by insisting that it is God who brings the fire, thus those who believe in Islam are against God and they fight against soldiers sent by God.

According to the Book of Revelation, all those who refuse to worship the image of the beast will be killed by the beast. Islamic extremists clamour for killing all heretics. It is absolutely true.

Therefore, ‘the religion that worships the beast and image of the beast’ recorded in the Bible refers exactly to Islamic extremists and their believers.

Thus, they are devils, beasts, false prophets, and the enemies of God. They should be thrown into the Fire Lake where the sulphur is burning. They should go to hell and eternally suffer from the six great divisions in the wheel of karma.

While those who believe in Islam are to be punished by gods, they shall be cleared up, wiped out, and be judged on the judgment day.

After thousands of years of development, the human society today needs to enter a new era and a new age. God loves the people, while those social pests and believers of the devil shall be completely wiped out before we enter a brand0new era. They should disappear permanently in the world created by God.