28、Islam Needs Mental Transformation

18 January 2015

This is in fact a spiritual battle, and wars are continuation of spiritual battle. This is a battle of spirit and culture. We should destroy Islam in spirit, culture, and ideology. As all of the gods have abandoned Islam, it is only left with a soulless body. Islam is incarnation of injustice and evil. Once attacked, they cannot resist.

The one who resists spiritual, cultural, and ideological attack can be regarded as rat and devil. These kinds of people should be totally destroyed and this is where force plays its role. Or else, it would be too difficult to find terrorists all over the world. We should force them to come out and destroy them.

Spiritual attack can let the devils show their original shape and then we can destroy them. In this way, we can end up the war soon and solve the Islamic problem.

I think air strike is too simple. We should change the main battlefield to spiritual one and let material wars be complementary. Western people put the cart before the horse and usually use forces instead of intelligence. It makes things worse and enemies giggle at it.

Those terrorists are not afraid of wars. Their lives are rotten and worthless. People with bare feet do not fear people wearing shoes. It is useless for cultivated people to fight with them.

They fear spiritual and cultural attack the most as they do not have culture and spirit. They cannot say any truth. They do not have any truth at all. Therefore, culture and spirit are their weak points and blind areas. We can attack these parts randomly and it will not cost much compared to the cost of airborne missile, network, television, radio, newspapers, and media. These spiritual and cultural attacks have propaganda effect worth tens of thousands, or even hundreds of millions of yuan, far more effective than airborne missiles.

The best policy in war is to thwart the enemy’s strategy. It is out of date to use force. To break the enemy’s resistance without fighting is the highest realm of war.