27、It Is Better to Enforce the Religion Reform

17 January 2015

Today Egypt proposed religious reforms.

The religious right now are in the end time of law, the social conditions when the religion just prevailed are totally different to the modern social conditions. Many regulations proposed in that time were practicable, while in modern social civilisation, they are the emissaries of the devil. They help the devil against God.

After thousands of years, the religious doctrine and God’s supernatural power at that time cannot play a role. Thus, the new ideas are needed to keep pace with the times to correct.

We need new doctrine and law conforming to the time.

Do not take out that ruthless practices and doctrine again to be disgusting. It is the outdated doctrine that is in devil’s use. It is used to harm his subjects, to persecute God’s subjects, and to threat God’s subjects. It services for the devil to rule the world.

Throw away the rubbish Islamic culture, integrate into modern civilisation. It is the best result.

But the problem is that, do the neuropathy and the Procrustes listen to you? Do you have the final say? Can you control the situation?

From the primitive religious sense, religion can regulate behaviour and improve soul.

But because thousands of years past, social productivity has occurred earth-shaking changes. Many concepts need to be redefined. Values, justice and evil, good and ugly are required to be redefined.

And those Procrustes chase the doctrine of barbarism in the era of civilisation. Destroy civilisation development and civilised society by savage standards.

God creates the world, hopes that people become more and more civilised, more and more developed, and life is getting better and better. That is the glory of God, but also God’s will.

Devil uses outdated religious doctrine to control some low-level, ignorant human to be against God, destructs God’s world, and attempts to control this God-created world.

We now need to be clear about what is barbarism, what is civilisation, what is dark, what is bright, what is good and what is ugly, what is God’s will, and what is the will of the devil.

Clear the problems and then redefine the doctrine. If you really don’t know, it is okay that you disbelieve anything. No religious belief is better than believing the devil.

Demonism people must suffer and be destroyed and punished.

I will fight against them to the end.