26、Germany Raised a Thought-Provoking Question

17 January 2015

Today, Germany finally raised a thought-provoking question with academic value: ‘Why do Islamists read out Islamic Sharia when they kill people?’

This is the key point that distinguishes justice and evil, devil and true God.

Islam of this kind has betrayed the true God and Allah. These Islamists are killing for demons. They are killing people of God. They want people of God to surrender and be fearful. They want devils and evil to rule the world created by God.

You should have considered this question earlier. One should have asked this question.

You cannot recognise devil once it is in a human being’s clothing. You think they are human beings, calling for protection of their human rights.

It is foolish, ignorant, and ridiculous. It is like lifting a rock only to drop your own feet.

There is another thought-provoking question raised by the US and Britain, which is about redressing twisted ideology.

What is twisted ideology? Who has twisted ideology? What is the harm of twisted ideology to this world? How do we correct twisted ideology?

These kind of questions need to be raised, discussed, and thought every day worldwide. If answers of these kinds of questions are clear worldwide, then problems can be completely solved and things can be done. Or else, cults can never be solved and our future generations will be played to death by these demons.