25、The World Should Face Up to Islam, Expose Islam, and Criticise Islam

12 January 2015

China has an old saying, dogs that bite people don’t bark.

It means that a barking dog when it encounters things doesn’t bite people. It implies that people make bravado and give themselves courage so as to conceal their inner fear and weakness. These kinds of people have no real skills and cannot make a difference.

Of course, this metaphor is not very appropriate. But it can explain its specific meaning, because this is the case.

Encountering such an evil Islam, they even don’t dare to announce that it is a heresy. Is it a sissy? So we cannot rely them to do anything, and we cannot expect them to protect our homes, families, country, the good and the beautiful, and justice.

Can you dare to announce that it is a heresy, point out and publicise their evil, and let all the people see the true character of the heresy? Those few French reporters did that, but they very carefully did a little bit. I think those few cartoonists also just did a little bit. Because they didn’t really expose the devil, the ugly, and the heresy. They just said a few words, but they suffered such a disaster. Incredibly, you who control massive forces and grasp the nation’s arms even are less than those few cartoonists, and you are cowards. You don’t dare to maintain justice and expose the devil. Aren’t you a sissy? What can you do for the public?

It should first face the problems and then solve them.

When you see the Islamic devil, do your legs shake? And you even daren’t to speak anything. You only dare to say a few words of nonsense, fish in troubled waters, muddle through and muddle along.

First of all, we should announce that they are a heresy and then the whole society should conduct a big discussion. Why are they a heresy? Where are they evil? We should find a place to clarify it clearly. We should make all over the world hear clearly. Even if we make a wrong decision, it doesn’t matter, and that is called freedom of speech. Human rights, freedom, and democracy.

Why are the Islam people evil and cruel, and no one would dare say their folly and discuss their scandal?

Do they averagely give birth to five children?

Are they plundering the global resources?

Do they have a unification of the state and the church? Or do they want to gain the political power?

Did they never make contribution to human civilisation? They don’t have any invention, literature and art, and contribution to human civilisation, so they belong to a population with a high quantity and low quality.

They are making terrors and disasters within the global scope. And most of global terrors and disasters are made by them.

In their world, the rapist should be sentenced to death, and stealing should be sentenced to death. They cover their face with a piece of rag, and if they eat pork, they should be stabbed to death. They pray five times a day and find a stone to batter to death.

Are the laws of Islam dirty? Are they evil? Do they violate the human rights? Are they incompatible with the civilisation?

Are they evil? Are they dirty?

Why aren’t they letting the citizens know? Why aren’t they letting your citizens debate?

Why do they not let the people all over the world know? Why do they not let the people around the world discuss?

This is not only the truth but also the fact, but why do they not let the truth come to light?

Why can’t people discuss the truth? Why can’t people discuss the fact?

If we want to solve the problem, we must admit the problem and face the problem, and put the question on the table and let everybody make a discussion. The whole society and even the whole world should make a discussion. We should find a TV station that would broadcast and say this every day. Everybody presents the facts and brings out the facts and reasons, everybody manages what’s going on in the world. There should be a dedicated channel that broadcasts around the world.

If you cannot do this, what can you do? What can you complete?

You can just steal persimmon in the middle of the night and only bully the weak.

If you meet a real rascal, you even dare not say a word. And you just play dumb, hide your capacities and bide your time, and muddle along.

What can you do?

Right is right, wrong is wrong. Black is black and white is white.

I must find these rogues and say clearly, and let them give a statement for all over the world.

Religion is an idealistic problem. Thought is a publicity problem, and it is a problem of communication between human beings. It doesn’t mean that if there is a religious conflict, it will be bloody.

Religion is a problem of publicity. If it speaks more, people’s ideology, the rights and wrongs will be naturally changed. If they hear a lot, they will neglect them and habit will be a second nature. So it will naturally no longer be a problem.

If they meet ideological problems, they dare not say, don’t say, and even don’t want to say.

We fear that they don’t say any word and calculate on their own when they meet ideological problems. And eventually, it will accumulate hostility and cause a disaster.

What the devil is most afraid of is to see the sun. If they see the sun, they will be half dead with fright. Therefore, what the Islam most fear is that others reveal their weakness and speak ill of them.

Are you Westerners smooth talkers?

When you attacked China, how much did you issue malicious remarks? Now, you are still speaking ill of China.

I feel very strange, why don’t you dare say a word when you meet Islam? The New York Times said that they Americans aren’t ‘Charlie’. Where is your moral integrity?

It’s funny and surprising. It is just like stealing persimmon in the middle of the night—only bully the weak.

China has an ancient civilisation, and Chinese people have self-restraint and they are civilised and law-abiding. They won’t make terrorist attacks. So anybody can speak ill of us at random, and we pretend not to hear and don’t make a terrorist attack. Meanwhile, we also don’t revenge.

We don’t mind what you say, and we still insist on the socialism, and now, we are going to be number one in the world.

What you did is wrong, because you always bully the weak and fear the powerful, which isn’t a deed of a man and a gentleman.

Why don’t you take out the courage to speak ill of China, the smartness of peaceful evolution, and the determination of Vietnam War and Korea War to face the Islamic devil and rogue? In this way, the problem of Islam can be completely solved. Otherwise, this will be endless forever. And it will also hurt the offspring.

What’s more, criticising them and changing their thoughts are not letting them die, but just changing the ideology.

The people of Islam are confused, and they want to die, so we should help them. This is their own choice, rather than ours. Only when we aggravate contradictions and face contradictions can the contradictions be resolved.

If we don’t face the problems, how do we solve them?

What Egypt said is very correct, religious reform is the best.

Throwing out all Islamic rubbish culture and fusing into the modern civilisation. That is the best results.

But the problem is, will they listen to you? Do you have the final say? Can you control the situation?

I think that Western countries had better rely mainly on themselves, because anyone else is unreliable.

What the Islam most fear is to expose their scandals, make a spiritual attack on them, transform their spirit, and change their culture.

What the most stupid thing for the Westerners is that they believe in freedom of religion and freedom of worship, and they allow this kind of harmful cultural thoughts.

You should take out the spirit that you wanted to extinguish the communism at that time to put out the Islam. In that way, everything will be easy to handle.

It should make a high-pressure spiritual situation to the Islam, because mental high pressure is more effective than a high-pressure force, and its effect is immediate. Meanwhile, the supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting, and it can make the devil be half dead with fright.

The external high-pressure spirit can translate into their internal impetus of transformation. Their internal transformation also needs an impetus.

If everyone wants to be a good man, doesn’t set out the problems and aggravate the problems, there would be no impetus of reform within them.

On the contrary, the evil will come out and hurt the world. And the truly wrong party is the West itself. You are not ready to fight with rogues and devils. You are indecisive sissies. How can others help you?

If we are fearful of the devil, the devil will think that they are reasonable, and then the devil will become the truth.