24、Islamism Has Been Discarded by the Divine

10 January 2015

Today, I heard some Islamists saying French terrorists blasphemed Islam and Allah. In fact, these lunatics have made this world a terrible place not one day or two, but for several decades. They have also blasphemed Islam and Allah for years.

Are they blind to all these? Then what do they care about? Why do Americans and many other Westerners bleed for that? When they are bleeding, what are some Islamists doing? Are they having a good laugh at them?

In fact, to bleed and to keep off the bullets are the missions of Islamists. They should arm themselves to eliminate the scum of Islamism and make Islamism a pure religion.

Islamists often leave their religious conflicts unhandled, thus causing a great chaos and harm to the whole world. Now, all has been out of hand and irritate both man and God. Islamism should be destroyed. However, these words are too late.

Islamists said, ‘Those lunatics blasphemed Islamism and Allah first, so we turned out to hurt those Westerners.’ Now, all has been clear. What were they doing earlier?

Frankly speaking, some Islamists are playing the hero, while some are playing the villain; some are playing the moderates, while some are playing the extremes. All in all, they act in collusion with each other and make a profit in a troubled situation. In fact, it is not that easy.

When they are saying these words, they are helping the terrorists, whitewashing themselves, flaunting themselves, and covering their own crimes and dark side.

When their Hezbollah threw rocket shells at Israeli civilians, what were they thinking about? Had they realised that they were hurting Allah?

If they want to show their sincerity and perform a meritorious service to atone for their crimes, they should send their ground forces to eliminate all their extremist organisations, including Taliban, the IS, and Boko Haram and jihad.

They should clean their own community; otherwise, they are the same, just bad in different ways.

I thought even if Allah is here, he would have no choice but announce the dissolution of Islamism.

In fact, all religions are the same. No matter which god we worship, we are worshipping. Even if Allah gives them up, they can still eat well and sleep well. It is not a great deal. Just think that those having no religious belief also live a comfortable life.

Now, Islamism has become the most serious negative asset of the divine. Islamists must immediately lay down their arms and surrender to the whole world. Islamism has become a heresy. No one should believe it. Islamists should be transformed; otherwise, they will face the most severe punishment given by the gods and die. All my friends, it is time to make this world a better place.