23、Western Countries Should Do Some Control and Cultivation Forward Islam and Forbid Islam

7 January 2015

I think the Western culture is really fatuous. The most ridiculous and poorest thing is that it lifts a rock only to drop it on one’s own feet.

It sets many barriers and limitations to itself. But at last, it gets enmeshed in a web of its own spinning. It’s encumbered by itself. And that it never knows how it died.

For a country, the sovereignty is the most basic right for nationals to manage their nation. If this right can’t be get guaranteed, people’s benefit will not be protected at last.

France should immediately announce that Islam is an illegal organisation in their country. Never be irresolute. Never tolerate evils. Never breed evils. It’s the sovereignty and the holiest sovereignty of a country. It’s also the most basic sovereignty to safeguard nationals. Islam has already attacked France and still flaunted the freedom of religion. It’s to say that the ten journalists and two policemen who died can’t desire their expectation. The deaths should be more.

Pakistan finally understood that Islam is wicked after over one hundred children had died.

France still can’t know it. Does it mean that the deaths of the people aren’t enough? Not enough. They should be more. Then France will know that the sovereignty is more important than the human right.

Those terrorists just hid themselves under the umbrella of human right, which is flaunted by the West and hurt the civilian cruelly. To kill some journalists, they thought automatic rifles were not enough and they should use bazookas. It’s more and more romantic, creative, and exciting. It’s just a beginning. The most wonderful thing hasn’t started yet.

It says that the childish theory can’t protect nationals or journalists. A country has the right to require nationals to obey some rules including forbidding Islam and announcing that Islam is a heresy. It’s the sovereignty of one country that is holy and can’t be violated.

Have those terrorists already explained clearly? They fight for Allah. So the people who believe in Allah in France should be guilty. All of them need to get punished. It’s an action in a war. It’s not to invite somebody to dinner.

This is a war between God and the devil, which is a war between justice and evil.

From now on, Islam will take more actions and be more and more evil. Humans and God will get angry together. It’s the last radiance of the setting sun. If God chooses who dies, he must make the person crazy at first.

Until all the world know that Islam is evil, dirty and silly, then they need pull together to wipe it out.

It’s written in the Bible that Islam should perish. It’s a heresy to use a prophet to mislead people seriously. The whole world needs to clean it out.

I think that if the Western countries drive them out, they may join the battle in Iraq. They ought to deliver my articles about Islam to every Muslim. Force them to read one time every day, and carry these articles about Islam with them everywhere.

If they can read one time every day, they will forget Islam and Allah completely in some months. My articles can damage monsters and call the human nature back. If their human nature really can’t be called back, let them die. They are really devils and can’t be called back. I have no other methods.

It’s a war. The humans need to bleed for their previous ignorance. They need to bleed now to create a peaceful environment for their descendants. Or the humans needn’t exist. The humans will disappear.

The last page of the Bible will be turned to at once. God didn’t hope to see the dirty humans to exist any longer.

The humans need to get changed or disappear.