22、The Intensification of Contradictions Was Able to Solve Completely the Contradiction

4 January 2015

There is a saying in China that long-term pain is not better than the pain of short-term.

Toothache is not an ill; if there were tooth pains, it is no use that you do not go to extract them and make no treatment, only to take light painkillers. It must be painful for a long time so that whatever things were delayed.

I think that the global issues of Islamic cult need to thoroughly solve, you need to put them on the table and let them choose to give up or death, to surrender or to kill.

You should put those mice completely out of the nest, and the mask completely torn off, in order to let us have a look of their true appearances. We can solve the contradictions only to expose them.

The human rights theory of Westerners were playing sissy. Just can’t cope with Islamic cult. Islam was dirty religion that misfits modern civilisation, we must abandon them immediately. And they must be resolved immediately. Let them choose to give up immediately, or do not give up.

In fact, the change of human idea is the most complex and also the simplest. They can change at one moment.

During the separation of ownership and management right of state-owned enterprises reform before a few years when the so-called aircraft carrier in a coin of the above 180-degree turn in order to adjust the direction.

Taiwan and the mainland were in a moment of peace. Taiwan and the mainland instantaneous adjustment direction are driven by interests. We all saw the benefits, also let go of struggle, to make money. So we can use interests to solve problems between the person and person, so do the disputes.

But Islam is a cult, with interests not being able to make any effect. They are the devil, the madmen, they are crazy, and they are out of their minds. When talking the interest with them, they couldn’t understand, so they are not so good results.

We must use the deterrent force, the lash of the whip. The threat of death. Die a batch of people, which can solve the problem. Don’t pull a few tooth; the toothache can never be good.

We do not damn people in Islam but damn its idea.

If you put those articles about Islam, which were written by me, read it, and recite it again per person per day, I think they will soon give up Islam, at least the culture of young people no longer believe in Islam. That they may not die can also be useful for the world and the country. If the cultural literacy can improve a little bit more words, they can also become a popular person and accepted by the people of the world in need.

The earth is large, and it is not to say that there is no living space, but the conflict of ideas, the backward ideas of the world, and the destruction caused by obstacles make civilisation angry. We have to throw out the garbage and make low quality of human thought and low energy people transformed.

They did not die or we civilised people will be killed. The whole world is a great disturbance by that a handful of trash human. Dragged terribly, fatigued, their descendants will be gradually killed by them. No peace forever.

When there are mice at home, we should give them a little rat poison to poison them and find a stick to knock them to die, rather than putting them to a neighbour’s house. We are clean. We are sweeping snow in front of our house. Ultimately we still harm others. This is war, not a sissy, a dinner party. No end of troubles for the future. Even now there is nothing, future generations will be killed by them. No peace forever. This problem must be solved thoroughly.

The story of the farmer and the snake is the truth. Men and snakes, men and the devil, have no common language.

Right is right, wrong is wrong. Evil is evil. Ignorance is ignorance. Backward is backward. Barbaric is brutal. We must let them make a good choice. To give up or not give up is the choice of life or death.

The article about Islam written by me is the best antidote of our spirit. Adhere to read every day, and soon there will be no people believe in Islam. It is of no use to us to teach Islam, specialised in the production of low quality of the population, low energy of human evil religion, and will always in trouble. Tired, tired of them. Evil, dirty. We need to ruin them immediately. The globe shall ruin cults.

I think we need to carry out ideological attack to them, attack on their culture, ideological transformation, and cultural transformation. A good transformation is not dead. Kindness knows no bounds.

If more than a hundred students in Pakistan are not dead, they are still in a trouble with terrorists and pull an unclear and unknown road, abolishing the death penalty and muddle along.

They are people; we do not cry when we do not see a coffin. Muddle along, dirty, evil, ignorance, short-sighted, egoistic. Ultimately we harm others.

Before this, there are so many wars that happened, causing so many deaths, without having any meaning. It is in order to fight for power and money. Plundering resources are the evil of war.

While the war on Islam is the only meaningful one, it can save our homes. Save our children, to give the offspring a peaceful environment, peaceful earth. This is the justice. In order to maintain justice, we must fight, we must struggle with the devil. Necessary blood should be flowing. Humans bleed too much for the evil, and now we also need some blood flowed for justice.

In order to protect the truth, goodness, and beauty; to protect their families, children, the world no longer hurt by the evil, ignorance, savage injury; in order to give his or her family, children, a world of permanent peace, peaceful, and happy environment, we must give the heavy hand on the evil, ignorance, savage. This is a man’s job. This is also the man’s responsibility, as well as a man’s duty. We cannot play the fool, cannot escape, and cannot be sissies anymore.

Please ruin the Islam completely, as I am sick of them.