21、Female Circumcision Means Discontent to God

2 January 2015

Recently, a heresy called the IS required circumcision to 400 million women and some have been been circumcised by some native tribes all the time.

Circumcision should be punished, for it is humiliation and unsatisfactory to God and the Creator. Everything in this world is created by God, including human body and organs.

God has its own reason to create each human organ in his way. Circumcision means that women’s body organ, created by God, is unreasonable and should be man-made reconstructed.

Circumcision is a horrible surgery, which changes human organ structure and original design. It is a brutality to women, humiliation, and unsatisfactory to God, and a demonic behaviour.

Such women’s organ, created by God, has its own function.

Savage, stupid, evil heresy, and demon disciple mutilate women and serve the devil in order to realise their immoral purpose. This is a demonic behaviour. It should be restrained and severely punished.

Any jihad should be waged to save the natural life, to protect the world.

Male circumcision is a minor surgery, which can improve life quality and boost physical and psychological health. We might promote it.