20、Man and Man Talk about the Interest; the Devil and Man Talk about the Distortion, Abnormal Condition, Monstrousness, Evil

30 December 2014

It is very correct that politics is the concentration of economic performance, said by Marx. Many things, dispute, and wars, much massacre, hostility, and suspicion has happened between man and man since ancient times. But in the last of analysis, it is for the sake of interest. As we all know, everything happened in the world is the things related to interest ultimately.

Political issue is the problem of economic interest. If the economic interest has been solved, the political problem will not exist.

Why the slavery is not good is that the slaver owners get too much while the slavers receive too little. The profit distribution is unfair and unbalanced so that the slavery must be overthrown. Other things such as buying and selling slavers, massacre, and war are all interest problem.

Why the feudal system is bad is that the lord gains too much while the citizens obtain too little. Other things such as feudal ethic are all for the sake of maintaining the interests of the feudal rule.

The principle of the system of capitalism and socialism are the same. People always discuss a best, reasonable profit-sharing arrangement and state institution.

Because everyone all have desires, requirement and hope to meet any obvious need. Moreover, it is best to get the maximum interest.

All kinds of things that related to people, such as politics, economy, culture, law, morality, ethics, literature, art, military, health care are interests.

So no matter how large the divergence between man and man, in the last of analysis, we will find our common point and reach consensus. This is because we have the same purpose, which are to receive the maximum interest and meet out subconsciousness and motive.

People can be divided into natural instinct and acquired cognition. Each person’s social environment is different, all people’s natural instinct are same, as well as their subconsciousness and motive. Their demand of natural instinct and satisfied patterns are the same, which are all Maslow’s theory of desire.

But the subconsciousness and motive of devil are different with people.

Their subconsciousness, desire, and motive have been modified after they were instigated and took drags by heresy. Their appearance is as same as normal people, but not their soul. Their soul has been sold to the devil, which are not belonging to human.

So we have nothing to talk with devil and we have no common language.

People discuss the interest. We speak about the nutrition, taste, and price when we eat pork, which are all interest. We can find these things from subconsciousness, which are the inherent programs and the underlying response fixed in the human body when God made the humans. But the inherent programs and the underlying response have been modified by devil.

We can talk the interest of pork with them, but are not willing to do like this and even stab you by a knife. This is distortion, this is abnormality, this is monstrousness, this is evil, this is devil.

We have nothing to say with devil. There is no way to change all this apart from wiping them out.

So the Islamic extremist groups must be wiped out while the moderates need to be transformed slowly.

All in all, Islam needs major religious revolution and modifies the teaching on a large scale. The diehards are devil, which must be killed.

The conflict between man and man can hardly be avoided. The key question is that the problems are solved by man and man or by devil and man when we come across the conflict.

The way of dealing with a problem between man and man is the problem of profit distribution, which is interest problem and business problem.

If the conflict between Palestine and Israel are the dispute between man and man, that is a business.

Because God orders the Palestinian to remove, they need family allowance and resettlement compensation, which are certainly paid by the Jews who are easily to earn more money.

How much money you need, how much money the Jews can be paid. That is a business and a transaction.

If it is the dispute between human and devil, there is nothing to discuss. Only by fighting and killing.

There are no common language and no word between man and devil, no common interest, and no business to talk. This is because they are distorted, abnormal, monstrous, and evil.

All humans are needed to wipe out the devil and defend the justice.