19、Preventing Global Islamisation

27 December 2014

I’ve heard that in lots of places, especially people in economically developed places want to a lead cosy life, and they do not hope to have lots of burdens, so they give birth to less babies. The fertility rate is maintained at low level. However, a couple of Islam gives birth to about five babies on average.

The caused problem is global Islamisation. The terrorist and violence activities in the world at present are related to this and have direct causality.

Islam plunders resources in the world. Their population grows rapidly, and they have a steady flow of human resources and armed forces resources. As to them, it is unalterable principle matter to let redundant low-quality population be body bomb, because their population is originally low-quality and redundant. Their couples have multiple times of fertility rate than other races in a lifetime, just for plundering resources in the world.

Their birth is targeted at low quality, high occupancy, plundering, and slaughtering. So these body bombs fundamentally do not need complex mobilisation and complex ideological work.

I’ve seen news about one ordinary woman, who fundamentally did not contact jihadist ideology, carried explosives to conduct suicide explosion activity seven days after married to terrorists.

The explanation offered by authority is that Muslim women have no culture and are in low quality. They have to obey their husbands, and they do what their husbands require them to do. If their husbands let the newly married wives carry explosives to conduct terrorist suicide attack, their wives would do it.

No wonder that Muslim has so many suicide attacks.

If you let educated and family responsible westerners who value human rights do it, would they do so?

Absolutely not, people with human rights consciousness and self-conscious absolutely would not do it. It is done by people with mental disorder, the disciples of evil, and the soldiers of evil.

What are the human rights theory and human rights organisations of Western countries doing? They are serving for evils, acting as the protective umbrella of Islamic evils, and making body bombs. They are transporting evil soldiers for Islamic frontlines. Human rights organisations are betraying human kind, helping evils to restrict human kind, dealing with and slaughtering mankind.

So Western human rights theory is insanity evil theory, it is shooting itself in the foot and helping evils to deal with itself.

Couples in Western countries do not feel like having children, for they would like to maintain their own quality of life.

Chinese government artificially controls the non-Islamic population growth, encouraging the Islamic childbirth. It is called minority policy.

If things go on like this, the conflict of either genocide or global Islamisation will break out one day leading to the complete surrender to the devils of Islam.

They are having this program, which is actively implemented across the world, aren’t they?

There is a Chinese saying that ‘the barefoot are not afraid of those in shoes’, and also the saying that ‘the hooligan is utterly fearless’.

It is most appropriate to describe culture of human rights in Islamic and Western countries.

Islamic culture is really the culture of hooligan.

1. Firstly, they try to have children for population growth so that they will become the majority in a few decades. And it is no doubt that they will be elected under one-person, one-vote policy.

2. They are dirty people keep producing offspring but disregard parenting. The generations of procreation simply copy more and more population in low quality who are bandits of terrorism and suicide bombers capable of finding the theoretical basis in religious code.

3. Islam has purposefully sized the power with the unification of politics and religion since ancient times. It’s the perfect match to combine the Western electoral system with the Islamic procreation culture and the vicious seizure of power with theocracy for the extinction of mankind and the ruling of the devil.

When the Islamic hooligan culture appears in the pitiful and poor state, it can always win the compassion and mercy similarly given by the dog lovers. But they are definitely not the pets casually manipulated and discarded by people. It is easier to call up an evil spirit than to allay it. They are the devils carrying with mission and intent, implementing the plan step by step. And it is not so easy to drive them out during trouble time. So the terrorist attacks, explosions, suicide bombers have come one after another just around you.

They usually look quite ingenuous, pretending to be honest men. Once made brainwashing, they will get their true faced completely exposed in just one week. They are becoming the ghostly bombers, devil’s bandits, and killing machines, as they are devils by nature.

The ‘dog lovers’ are so many in Western countries, even protecting the Islamic culture through legislation. They should look beyond the surface, never showing compassion and mercy with kindness to the dirty and ugly devils.

When the Islamic hooligan culture comes across the Western civilisation, the Western civilisation will soon be destroyed by the Islamic hooligan culture in the shackle and cage of their own systems of democracy, human rights, and freedom.

So it begins. I am watching you destroyed by the Islamic hooligan culture step by step and slowly heading for death with the accomplice of yourself.

It is only after you become more ferocious hooligan that you can deal with the hooligan. Or else, you have to wait for death without other solution.

The Western way does not work and becomes garbage when meeting with real hooligan.

Human are really brutal, ignorant, dirty, and hopeless. We need to defeat Islamic regime at global scale.

The unrest countries need to help the secular monarchy to destroy the Islamic militants. The peaceful countries with the seizure of power need internal reformation, becoming secularised away from Islamisation.

This is contemporary task must be completed. The devil must be bottled up and thrown into the dungeon. This is what is said in Bible.

The devil should be firstly disposed before the human’s things are discussed.