18、All Leaders of Islam Are False Prophets

16 December 2014

So-called spiritual leaders of Islam deny the Bible and its prediction of founding state in Israel. They do not help Israel to establish their own state. Moreover they get tangled with Israeli. It’s obvious that Islamic leaders are exactly false prophets mentioned in the Bible. They may totally know nothing about the Bible and God. They simply mislead Muslims, bring trouble to Israel and the rest of the world, and cause chaos everywhere. They are extremely heinous. Islam is a total heresy.

Most chaos is caused by Islam. It’s nothing but heresy.

It’s those false prophets instead of Muslim who should be blamed for their evil behaviours. They merely talk nonsense and have no ability to lead Muslim. They even breach the Bible, which is written in black and white, letting alone deliver God’s will and make prediction. Islamic leaders must be arrested so as to stop them from poisoning the Muslim’s mind and the world and causing troubles for God.