17、It Is a Typical Cult Behaviour to Sentence Rape and Adultery Behaviours as Capital Crime

14 December 2014

Nowadays, many criminals are sentenced to death for their rape and adultery behaviours, which are considered as a typical cult behaviour in Islamic countries. Once the regal power dominated by the cult organisations, such as the conservative Islamic regions in Saudi Arabia, where the devil behaviours are used to fight against humanity.

It is generally recognised that rape and adultery as improper behaviours are needed for relevant punishment instead of death penalty, which should only be identified for severe damages such as rape-murder, serious injury, or other worst cases.

Except mental hurt brought by simple rape or adultery behaviour, what harm does it have from merely substance point of view? It is considered unreasonable if a death penalty is sentenced to the violator only for the mental hurt brought to the others. It is also considered as not only a kind of devil behaviour, but a government-based devil behaviour, which plays a negative role to provide service for devil group like a servant instead of maintenance of justice.

Rape and adultery behaviours are indeed to have brought damages to social stability and ethics from the perspective of social management and social order. They are also considered as relatively more severe behaviours, which could lead to destructions to social order and therefore deserve punishment. Comparatively, the ‘Occupy Central’ activity in Hong Kong is also considered as the destruction to social order, which have resulted in hundreds of billions losses. However, who will be punished and responsible for all of this?

Besides, the concept for rape or adultery at present is ambiguous and subversive. It is often heard that a rape case is reported to police by a prostitute who is paid by whoremaster with 50 yuan less than what they have agreed. As a result, both of them were punished for this. So funny!

In some areas, rape behaviour could bring certain effects to a family’s harmony. Any woman suffered from rape or involved in adultery may be discriminated by their family members.

In feudal and uncivilised society, any woman who lost her virginity is regarded as a serious incident. In my opinion, the death penalty sentenced to a rapist in Islamic regions is probably due to this reason.

In general, women are considered to undertake more harm from a rape behaviour. Some women even commit suicide after being raped. This is caused by the feudal chastity concept. However, in current modern society, many people have promiscuous sex and even expect sex partners as many as possible. They just feel puzzled what harm it can bring by doing so and why they need to commit suicide.

Chastity concept, a type of shameless lies and deception fabricated by feudal lords, oil tycoon, landlord class, and feudal ruling class to maintain family blood purity and prevent family assets outflow from women sexual behaviours with others. In addition, they make this lies for the aim of avoiding helping others to raise his son and oppressing women, together with slaughtering their sexual rivals.

Women are persecuted and induced to commit suicide by them, who still show boosting attitude to those women who has committed suicide. In India, any woman who has lost her virginity shall be hung into the tree till her death. After that, they even produce a film based on these tragic stories. What they have done is only to protect their family assets, which is considered as the most fundamental motivation of their own. Except this, all are nonsense and deceptive tricks.

In Chinese feudal society, the situation is exactly the same. Today, such concept, dominated as ever by the Islamic cult organisation to give publicity for their people, which is completely same in purpose and nature and has no differences between them.

In some Arab countries and Chinese feudal society, a family is always existed as polygamy.

This dirty theory is designed to serve for their money concept and maintain the continuation of family business and inequality between feudal lords and landlords.

They may have forced to do so due to the low productivity in feudal society.

It is shameless and unreasonable for Sunni and Procrustes in Arab-Islamic cult-controlled regions in Middle East to continue such cruelty on women and sexual rival behaviours.

Hence, such misleading concept which is still existed and effective regarding to women’s chastity in today’s socialised production era, as well as the sexual rival behaviours are considered as shameless and devil behaviour. It is also recognised as crimes against humanity.

Rape behaviour is required for a criminal sentence, which usually takes several years in prison. A rapist sentenced to death shall be considered as devil behaviour done by cult or Procrustes. For extremely serious behaviours, death penalty shall be considered reasonable.