7 December 2014

When I was still a little child, I read an ancient Greece myth about the Procrustes.

He had two beds, and whenever he encountered a pedestrian, he would catch them and put them on his bed. He would cut the excess part of their body when it was a tall people so as to make them fit his bed, and for those short people, he would put them on the longer bed and use equipment to extend their body so as to make them fit his bed. As a result, all those people caught by him were tortured to death.

I have been impressed by the story. Although it is a fairy tale happens in the spiritual world and seems to be ridiculous, I feel that there are also many Procrustes in real life. However, they are dressed in human skin, and most people cannot see it.

I think those Islam extremists are typical of the Procrustes.

According to the Bible, Islam is now a cult seriously misguided by some ‘false prophets’ who are already possessed and need to be exterminated.

Why they are called cult? It is because they are dehumanised, distorting and twisting human nature.

It can be said that those suppression, distortion, and devoid of human nature is a temporary means of savage society in order to survive.

However, it is a civilised society now. If they still use those means of Procrustes to treat believers and intimidate people in God’s name, it is the cult.

Both lust and greed is human nature, which is also created by God. Whether you like it or not, they are all things created by God.

We should respect those God-created things for God must have his reasons to create them, and the hatred and hostility towards those God-created things is the disrespect and contempt for God.

Lust and greed are the source of human vitality just like the power of car engines. In addition to power, a car also needs brake, gear shift, and direction control. Only by the perfect combination of these, there is a good car and the society can run efficiently and soundly.

To limit lust and greed within a certain range and fully mobilise them for flexibility is good and also the intention of God to create everything.

However, the Muslim cultists curb, intimidate, and kill people’s lust and greed as the opposite of human nature. Therefore, they are cult like the Procrustes and the false prophets misleading the public. And they are also the devil’s minions and his disciples needing to be corrected. If they cannot be corrected, they must be exterminated.