15、The Devil Is Set Free Every 1,000 Years

7 December 2014

It is described like so in the Bible.

The contemporary world is in a chaos. It is time when devils are tyrannizing.

In America, the landmark country of democracy, everyone has a gun averagely. The homicide cases by policemen occur frequently. In fact, American policemen cannot do anything about it. They may be killed if they do not fire a round. It is unnecessary to earn a living at the cost of the life. The issue of gun ban is essentially an issue regarding social management rather than an issue to judge whether the behaviour of policemen is normative. At a critical or dangerous moment, people have to protect their own life. It is the nature of human.

Issues such as the conflicts between the black and the white, and the racial discrimination are just blasting fuses/incentives instead of main problems. It is the abuse of gun that aggravates those contradictories.

The failure of social management leads to the extreme opposites of policemen and suspects. It is impossible to protect the life through the sets of rules regarding angels. As a result, the life safety is threatened tremendously. At this time, the devil is tyrannizing and it controls the whole situation. According to the theory proposed by Maslow, the self-security is the primary demand of human. When the self-security demand at the bottom level is threatened, any sense of rationality is of no use.

When the whole world faces such a situation, it is the time when the devil is tyrannizing. It does not mean that someone is a devil; instead, the behaviour of most people is controlled by the devil.

Religious extremist force could be attributed to the tyranny of devil.

The national separatist force could be attributed to the tyranny of devil.

The armed drug trafficking can be attributed to the tyranny of devil.

The gangland force can be attributed to the tyranny of devil.

Officers and bandits collude together to oppress and exploit common people. The collusion between officers and bandits can definitely be attributed to the tyranny of devil.

The collusion between officers and bandits is common in many countries, typically in Mexico. Nevertheless, the situations in numerous countries are similar to that of Mexico. Some people even give explanation with the excuse of God. It is unreasonable to involve such a significant target.

It is said that the most chaotic place in the world is Brazil rather than Mexico, where one person is killed every ten minutes. Brazil also borders America. The implementation of democracy is thorough but vicious.

Mexicans have some conscious more or less, and at least they complain to God when they are harmed by the devil.

However, Brazilians even neglect this. Maybe they are poisoned so much that they totally sell their souls to the devil and integrate themselves with the devil.

They neither resent devil or injustice, nor do they require equality, even though their relatives are shot dead in streets. They may forget the terrible scenes immediately. They simply take those events as democracy, human rights, and freedom. What a nonsense it is! How do such events happen? I have watched some films that reflect the public security of Brazil. The scenes in films correspond with the reality. It is so horrifying that I could not believe. Is it the so-called democracy?

In such a great world, wonders never cease.

Mexicans are essentially provided with the conscious to fight against the devil. Most people have the sense of justice. A female journalist pledged her life to disclose the collusion between officials and bandits. She was killed at last. To make complaints to God is also a way of struggle. Due to the intense resistance of Mexicans, drug dealers have to escalate their terroristic means. For example, they may dismember the body or even peel off the skin to threaten the public.

Brazilians never mind whether their relatives die or not. They are accustomed and inured to the unusual. They even feel sedate while facing the death of their relatives. As a result, there is no need for drug dealers to dismember the body or peel off the skin, which is too troublesome. Everyone is free from worry. This is the collusion between citizens and bandits rather than between officials and bandits, and the former is even more serious than the latter.

The tyranny of the devil is the tyranny of odiousness in the nature of human.

To lock the devil in the bottle is to constrain and restrict the odiousness in the nature of human through a reasonable social system, so as to control the odiousness within a specific scope that is allowed by laws.

Why does God determine to set the devil free every thousand years?

In my opinion, this is similar to the situation of China.

China has undergone the despotism society for thousands of years. It was an orderly society, which, however, suppressed the nature of human, as was described by Confucius.

An orderly society could promote the development of productivity at the beginning. However, the social productive forces changed a lot after thousands of years. Those previous social systems could not improve the productivity; rather, they may restrict the society. At this time, the devil should be set out to change the order and rules of the society. During this period, the nature of human could be developed freely, and the devil could tyrannize. In the process when people try to lock the devil, social systems such as new social-economic relations and political relations could be reformulated.

Now it is time to discuss the legal system and order.

For thousands of years, China had been an orderly society and the most developed country in the world. At that time, the GDP of China occupied 50% of that of the whole world. Subsequently, with the development of productivity, China gradually declined due to the socialised mass production. After a chaotic period, China now returns to an orderly society, a society based on science and civilisation.

At present, the world should follow China and return to the orderly society, which is based on science and civilisation. It is time to end the chaos and lock the devil in the bottle.