14、No ‘Democracy’ in Islamic Areas

1 December 2014

Democracy is luxury goods for civilised human beings.

Areas controlled by Islam are extremely vicious. Establishing democratic system in these areas equals to let devil held the power because people there are mentally controlled by devil and evil spirit.

Only law is feasible in Islamic areas. Democracy finds no way there.

Westerners always criticise North Korea. But how much harm North Korea has done to other countries? It seems unobvious.

Disorder in North Korea is their domestic affairs, resulting from ideological and political differences and interest disputes. They are just physical conflicts among humans.

But chaos caused by Islam goes against the whole world. It is a spiritual fight between religious authority and kingship, between human and devil, good and evil.

In these mentally devil-controlled areas, we have no choice but take the way of violence with violence, specifically, political violence with spiritual violence.

In these countries, we have to wipe out devil and heresy in spiritual way. Democracy can only be achieved when the ready will of peace and common prosperity gains overwhelming popularity.

Western countries and people are civilised kinds, but is not the same to everywhere in the world. Many regions and countries are still under the control of devil, which is evil, savage, ignorant, and dirty.

Why didn’t Americans talk democracy with Indians and select president by vote as soon as they occupied America? Didn’t they drive these Indians like driving flocks of sheep?

Why? Because they are barbarous, benighted, and dirty. They were too poor to afford democracy.

Western democracy is built upon the civilisation created by great minds like Shakespeare and Mozart.

Islam will never be treated with democracy until some giants of literature and art like Shakespeare and Mozart emerged among them. Otherwise, they have no choice but accept dictatorship. Justice can be upheld only when devil is suppressed.

People who fail to graduate from primary school know nothing about advanced mathematics. Don’t believe that a monkey in suit is no longer a monkey and devil in suit is no longer devil.

Spiritual civilisation cannot be achieved by only wearing a suit. We have to play double game when speak to different people. Otherwise, we will achieve nothing. This is our only choice.

There is something wrong with the basic logical thinking of Western countries. They always fail to get a clear understanding of situation, which results to shoot themselves in the feet. They are well-intentioned but not good at getting things done. Thus, they usually bring troubles to both themselves and others.

For the areas under Islamic theocratic regime, we should highlight freedom of religion, human rights, personal freedom, and spiritual civilisation. Democracy should never be mentioned, because devil will take over the power in that condition.

For the areas where Islam is not in power, we should emphasise justice, law, order, and spiritual civilisation. We should adopt problem-oriented strategy. Don’t be simple-minded and impetuous to appeal to arms regardless of realities of situation.

Man-to-man matters will eventually be clarified one day.

But disputes between human and devil will never come to light. The consensus will never be secured. We should never get devil of spiritual word involved into the conflicts among human beings. Don’t mistake devil for democracy.

You can only be protected by a sound social order rather than democracy. Because you can’t afford it at all.