13、Essence of Terrorism Is Theocracy Replacing Kingship

26 September 2014

Westerners fight against terrorism but support Falun Gong.

Actually, Falun Gong and terrorism are similar problems in terms of spiritual level. They are the same in spiritual motivation and spiritual essence. Their essence is that theocracy offends kingship and tries to seize the power of kingship.

Therefore, it is self-contradictory for Western countries to support Falun Gong but crack down terrorist activities in terms of spiritual level.

Falun Gong is a religion, so is Islam. Falun Gong goes against CPC and socialism and aims to seize the power. Similarly, the main appeal of Islamic mobs is also seizing the power. They are the same in essence, that is, theocracy offends kingship and tries to seize the power of kingship.

The political and religious thoughts of terrorists and Falun Gong are rare and extremely ridiculous in the world of kingship. There are numerous neurotics and psychos around the world, which is nothing strange. The world is so large that it can tolerate all the people with slight psychiatric disorders. In the normal world of kingship, the thoughts of terrorists and Falun Gong belong to the category of psychosis.

But now the problem is that psychos attempt to seize the power through terrorist activities in an organised way, which exerts a bad influence on the society.

To protect their own interests, Western countries oppose one group of psychos to seize the power but support another group of psychos to seize the power. So the US-led Western countries are thrown into confusion and don’t know what to support and oppose.

Hence, they are busy fighting against devils made by themselves. Consequently, they reap the whirlwind by creating devils.

America and Western countries take great pride in the obtained achievements, and believe that the world can be controlled by them.

In fact, they are still very naive and moronic in terms of spiritual level. After eliminating the terrorist organisation led by Bin Laden, America is confronted with the issue of IS. After the issue of IS is settled, other more horrible extremist organisations will occur one after another.

As long as Islamic theocracy exists, this issue can never be solved.

It is not the problem of Islam itself, but the problem of the original, ignorant, unenlightened, evil and depraved theocratic social system, ideology, and culture.

Everyone enjoys freedom of religion. As long as they abide by and respect kingship as well as behave within the scope of kingship, they can profess any religion. But it becomes a problem when theocracy tries to seize the power beyond the scope of spirit.

It is not only the essence of Middle East issues, but also the essence of terrorism and Falun Gong issues. Thus, it is a right thing for China to fight against Falun Gong as evil spirits and demons. Now, peace reigns over the land of China, and occasionally a few cockroaches run out from Islamic countries, which is nothing surprising.

Islamic theocracy in the Middle East is the cockroach on the earth and the home of evil spirits and demons.

America and Western countries should take advantage of their rich material resources to remould the spirit of people in the Middle East. However, Western countries seem to be powerless and at loose ends in this aspect.

That’s why I say Islam is just like Falun Gong that mixes theocracy and kingship. In evil organisations, theocracy tries to seize the power of kingship. Islam must be remoulded from both spirit level and material level. No better solutions except elimination should be resorted to in case that remoulding fails.