12、The Biggest Problem of Islamism Is the Integration of Religion and Politics

25 September 2014

The biggest problem of Islamism is not the religion itself but the integration of religion and politics.

There are many religions in the world. China is no exception.

Why do so many people hate Islamism? The fundamental reason is not Islamism itself, but its theocratic system and ideology. In fact, it doesn’t matter what people’s ideology and faith if they don’t interfere with the regime of crown range.

Christianity and Islamism share the same scale of believers and similar creeds, but I don’t find feel Christianity annoying.

In a broad sense, atheist scientists also have their religion.

Some dog lovers can be said to believe in dog and tens of thousands of people can launch a demonstration against government for dogs. Some people believe in pigs and pigs are scared to Islamite. There are people who believe in snakes, elephants, mice, and so on.

Westerners believe in capitalism, equality, and freedom of human rights.

Communists believe in communism.

There is no right and wrong in believing which religion. This is in the range of divine.

As long as religious authority doesn’t interfere with royal right, they can exist together, which is called cultural tolerance.

If it happened, it will cause disorder to royal society administration. Thus the religion can be called a cult to be killed.

The fundamental problem of Islamism is theocracy, and religion and politics are closely integrated. If they are not theocracy in Islamism, there will be no problems in Islamism.

Islamic theocracy in which religious authority acted and royal power cooperated to harm to people results in the will of the state, and thus, evil spirits controls royal power.

If there was no theocracy, evil Islamic spirits would have been imprisoned, and there would be no need for the whole world to conflict with each other.

If theocracy is eliminated one day, there will be real peace in the world, or peace will never prevail. There are problems in all theocratic Islamic countries, besides IS or al-Qaeda.

Only when religious authority does not interfere with royal power will we talk about tolerant society, spiritual freedom, personal freedom, human rights, and democracy. Otherwise it is a blank sheet.

Those countries under the banner of democracy in the Middle East but also engage in politics and religions are nonsense is a scam. They had no freedom, no democracy, and no human rights.

The governments in the Middle East are in the control of cults and evil people.

They fool the people for their own benefits, make conflict, and murder deliberately in order to win the fossil oil interests in the name of Allah. They are just parasites in disguise.

They plugged themselves democracy, human rights, and freedom. Is it necessary to go on an election under theocracy? This is just a sheer and shameless fraud.

Some people in the Middle East are very rich because of fossil oil. However the material wealth does not enrich spiritual ascension.

Dubai is claimed to be the most consuming place in the world, and some people show off their wealth by traveling in Dubai.

That place is in the leadership of sheik, which is the product of the primitive society and even lower than that in slave and feudal society. The material abundance and spiritual civilisation are completely separated. So to talk about with anything with those primitive people is cast pearls before swine.

They are the people who created theocracy, which has been passed on from the primitive society.

It is always the same from their forefathers like Mohammed until today. Whether people wear bark or use golden toilet, their ideas and cultural have not changed at all. They seem glorious in the appearance, wearing a suit and using golden toilets, but actually they are just primitive people holding spears.

Theocracy is a kind of serious invasion on human rights, which leaves people no choice and no freedom in religious belief.

Some evil people control the country, persecuting people by religion as well as politics.

Mohammed of the primitive society did nothing wrong, because of the time and circumstances.

But in network and nuclear era, in order to make few people and their generations to live a glorious life, to use golden toilets, they still take theocracy to persecute, oppress, mislead, and fool people. That is unforgivable and evil.

I hope those nobility using golden toilet in the Middle East can keep in pace with the times and give their citizens democracy, human rights, especially freedom of religion, and eliminate the social system of theocracy.