11、Islamic Nations Are in Urgent Need of Ideological Renewal

24 September 2014

At present, the biggest problem of the world is the belief of Islamic countries’ ideology.

There are many ideologies in the world. Even though each ideology may have some conflicts, it will not immediately turn out a large scale and sharp conflict because of the separation of countries. However, Islamic countries ideology that has the largest problem is the biggest troublemaker of the world.

Each country that has different ideology and culture is quite normal, because each country has a different history, geographical conditions, and culture and economy development. Therefore, it can be said that the ideology of each country is not identical.

The conflict between the United States and the Soviet Union were actually the conflict between two different ideologies. The ideology of the Soviet Union is an experimental stage of public ownership and finally it proved that the failure of this temporary experiment leads to the collapse of the Soviet Union.

However, one experimental failure does not represent the failure of public ownership. For example, Thomas Edison experienced three thousand times of failures before the lamp bulb was invented. It is not surprised of the failure of the Soviet Union for just one time, but the failure paid a heavy price.

On the basis of the failure of the Soviet Union and in accordance with the national condition, China has successfully debugged and tested the public ownership.

Now, China has (1) rapid economic development, (2) stable political pattern, (3) national unity, (4) social management in perfect order.

With such a large population and so many nationalities as well as grate internal and external pressures, China has achieved the above-mentioned four indexes.

So we can announce that the public ownership ideology of China has succeeded and can stand the test of time, and time can prove the progressiveness of China’s ideology.

The underlying code of all China’s ideologies is in this website. There is no secret and anyone is able to understand.

Whether you can understand or whether you believe or whether you want to change it or not, it is your options.

In my opinion, nowadays the biggest troublemaker of the world is the Islamic countries’ ideology. The ideology of other countries can be renewed slowly, but the Islamic countries ideology is in urgent need of renewal. No matter what happens and at what costs the world have to pay, the Islamic countries ideology needs to be transformed, because it is the poorest, the most ignorance, and the biggest troublemaker of the world and poses a threat to the entire world.