10、Religion and Human Liberation

23 September 2014

Every religious doctrine has an ultimate goal, which is the liberation and relief of people.

Christianity believes that the people who are faithful to the Lord can get relief, God loves the world so they could enter heaven.

The doctrine of Buddhism believes that people can get maksa only through their own practice. Or a wise man leads everyone to create a harmonious society and get common liberation.

The doctrine of Taoism believes that people can integrate into society by their own meditation, so as to maintain the harmony with society and environment and get liberated.

All the religious are civilising human to love each other and unite as one. At least they should love each other within an ethnic group.

The original intentions of all theocracies are to broadcast universal love and mutual love, however, in real life theocratic becomes a political tool, which serves to seize the crown, consolidates the monarchy, and becomes a political means and the means and tools of seizing power.

The theocracy originally is not conflictive, but after the interpretation and execution of the ugly and dirty human nature, theocracy has become a tool used by human to fight with each other.

The most obvious example is that there are appearing different factions in the same religion, and there are malicious struggles between different factions. They strike violently and even start a war and slaughter.

God is God, God will not change because of different people and different explanations. And the will of God will not change because of different people and different explanations.

It is the ugly and hopeless humanity who creates the fight between different factions and religions for their own evil intentions and self-interests.

Nowadays people make use of religion in the name of God to make so many dirty things, which are the blasphemy of divinities.

It is really necessary to carry out the liquidation for some ugly and hopeless people.

Different religions have different understanding and explanation of God, which just shows that different people have different emphasis for the understanding of God.

The mind and consciousness scope of human is limited, it is impossible for the so-called missionary to understand the entire will of God, they just catch some fragments and begin to preach.

I think the most typical one is the Marx’s theory of communism. He said so much and did so much, but I think that only one sentence can be the oracle, others are Marx’s own compilation or his own understanding and distortion of the oracle. The sentence is, ‘Public ownership is superior to the private ownership, the human need to get the liberation through Public ownership’.

As I explained in other articles, every religion has one correct doctrine, they practice from different angles; however, the mean of God is to let human practice comprehensively so they can truly get spiritual perfection and liberation.

Otherwise there is no necessity for humans to exist. The existence is just a waste of time and resource, and just a trouble for God. Therefore those troublemakers who do bad things in the name of God need to be cleared up like garbage quickly.

Humans can get the real liberation when they practice according to the complete oracle.