9、Traditional Religions Are Originated in the Slave Society

12 September 2014

Such similar expressions are seen in many religious teachings.

No one believes that a God will be subject to the punishment of another God. I think the way for religious elements to propaganda in this way was related to the productivity and social environment then.

At that time the society was slavery, the social resources and productivity were very low and backward. It’s impossible that any God can take care of all people around the world, and God can only take care of a small number of people.

At that time people were living in harsh competitive environment, which was an environment with the malignant plunder of the resources and life, as well as means of the environment of the production materials. So God at that time could protect a small number of people.

Therefore, there’s God in all ethnic factions, whether it is true or not, that’s all.

If not to say so, then it will be difficult to unite the vital forces, but also unable to resist foreign invasion and enslavement, genocide.

God would be killed, expelled, and genocide that does not protect the interests of a small number of people about to be massacred, expelled, and genocide.

People have died, ran away, God will even have less market share. Therefore, it must say that it’s essential to terrorize the infidels, and punish terrorizes and heretics, apostates, thus there will be the religious market in order to survive.

At that time, religion intimidated, punished, and killed the infidels and apostates in order to survive, the survival in the extreme conditions at that time, at that time living in extreme poverty substance, the survival time in the case of snatching the survival data.

Indeed some of the religions played the role of unifying the thinking, and action, but also solidarity, action against foreign enemies at the extreme environment at that time, which has been sustained until today.

Now, some areas and some countries also use the function of religion to unify thinking, unify the action, solidarity, and strength to fight again foreign enemies.

But now what’s the era?

It’s the atomic age, the internet age, and the information age.

It’s not to kill the other party just for prey. Otherwise, his family, the tribe would starve to death.

Go and look at those local tyrants in the Middle East, are they leading a life ‘an age killing the other party or otherwise the families and people of the tribe would starve to death’?

They are simply the parasite of some civilised eras, and they belong to insects, rather than the human race.

They believe that Islam is not to protect their family’s food and survival. They believe that Islam is in order to better maintain their parasitic lifestyle. They provoke Islamic terrorist activities in order to fight for the greater benefits of themselves by plundering the wealth of the world with the name of Allah the guise.

In order to make themselves live better insects life.

The oil is left by God, but not the wealth created by them through their labours.

There’s no fixed time for God to leave the resources to whom.

In accordance with the law of God at that time, the people with more power has the right to speak and is the controller of the society, those who were dishonest and disobedient would be genocide.

Oil and resources are not necessarily belonged to the Arabs. Thus they make riots in the name of Islam, terrorist activities. All of them were unfounded.

Now it’s a civilised society, there’s no extinct, people do not talk about the slaughtered.

But if you still hold those religious teachings of those who carry out his genocide era of the massacre thing.

The civilised countries should seek revenge for the smallest grievance, tooth for tooth, and they should be with the rules and means of massacres and genocide era to tell you about something.

Isis is supported, schemed and instigated by Islam and its believer countries. It is the whole Islamism doing evil things.

Do not think that playing as the fool, we can’t understand duplicitous. The times have progressed, humans also need to progress. Some things left in the slavery times need to have progress, there’s the need to make improvements and even the need to abandon.

Otherwise, you would be abandoned by the earth.

Problems of today’s world are not the purely economic issues, but religious issues become our biggest troublemakers. This makes me very annoyed.

Could those religious people in the end take control of your band of believers?

When your so-called religious brothers murder and arson, I feel that the religious people simply do not have the attitudes of breaking with the religion, but ogle those who supports the violence molecules overtly or covertly.

Now the problem of the world is simply not an economic problem, but the religious issues.

All those dirty religious fail to take control of the believers, but they have become the devil’s accomplice, or themselves are the devils.

I have never heard of the Islam would expelled some people from Islam, in order to make the adjustment of Islam’s gateway to have a jihad of fear violence molecules waged.

That represents all Muslims are all bad, and to become the enemies and be the competitors of the people around the world.