8、Troublemakers Always Come from Badlands – Somalia and Islam

8 September 2014

Somalia is a familiar name and best known as the game Black Hawk Down, which I have ever played a long time ago and passed many times. The game was later made into a film.

Afterwards, China also sent troops to protect Chinese cargo ships from being hijacked by pirates.

In 2015, a new terrorist organisation Al-Shabaab came out and specialised in making terrorist incidents. They killed civilians and wanted to steal Laden’s spotlight.

I used to think it was an interesting place, but later I thought it was a terrible place. Now I think it is a stinking place!

A statistic I have read shows that the average IQ of Chinese and Japanese is 105; that of Caucasians, it is 100, but for Africans, it is only 70.

Thus, Somalia belongs to the regions with the lowest IQ. In addition, the place believes in Islam. I have understood that a place where a bad religion is believed in cannot obtain a high IQ, because human thinking will be bound by harsh doctrines.

Islam makes the silly and poor place worse. How could it be safe? How could it be peaceful?

It is already more likely to see troublemakers in a poor place. Without the resources of oil and gold, this place will only become worse. Having suffering a lowest IQ, added with the lies of Islam, they become more unsalvageable. The evil Islam specialises in cheating people with low IQ, adding with intimidation and abetting crime.

As a result, these Somalis become robbers after the turbulence. Still feeling unsatisfied, they turn into terrorists.

These are typical cases showing the evil of Islam.

In China, silly children are cherished and pitied. Stupidity is not terrible but relatively lovely. But in Islam, such children will be fooled and misguided. Somalis are the victims. Islam is really nothing but nothing. The result is caused by Islam. Specifically look for silly people to cheat and then teach them to stop at no evil. Islam is the real evil.