7、IS, Organ Transplantation, Human Rights

20 August 2014

IS is really a troublemaker who is not only evil and barbaric, but also stupid and incompetent. After getting rich with the oil left by God, they become restless and start to make troubles.

Those whom God wishes to destroy, he first makes mad.

Islam is not only the root of all evil in modern civilisation, but also a disastrous group that makes everything bad. In today’s news, the IS cults even want to kill off all infidels and cut down the heads of civilians to cover poles.

I really hope that a military organisation can be established by the United Nations and these Muslims in the IS can be arrested. Death has been insufficient to compensate for the heinous crimes they committed against humanity. I think they should donate their organs to people who are kind and need organ transplants.

They must pay the price for what they have done. The world needs fairness, justice, and the respect for human rights. We are all equal in the sight of God.

‘Those who kill will repay with life’—it is justice.

Those Islamic cults should not only pay with their life, but also donate their organs and compensate those victims for their crimes. The theory of human rights advocated by the United States is just an accomplice in the face of such evil behaviours. Those evil spirits hide and grin behind the umbrella of human rights.

Justice should be kept without bargaining or strings attached. They should give all they have to compensate for their mistakes and to save others.

The US has worked as a ‘world policeman’ for many years, but its security management seems really bad. It suggests that this way is out of date or has an original design defect, which makes the US unable to uphold justice, and on the contrary, the US becomes the accomplice and umbrella of evil. Now America has become a disciple of Satan.

I hope the world back to peace, and who can help me?