17 August 2014

China is a nation without religious belief.

The religion was destroyed from ‘Four Obsolete Ideas Faith Removal’ in Chairman Mao’s era. Now the Chinese only respect for the money rather than anything else.

This is an awesome sign but bad turn. The benefit lies in that Chinese people work hard day and night, and make great effort to earn money, developing the productive force.

The bad side is that they abandon moral bottom line and dare to do anything.

I think the role of the religion exactly depends on its functions on the human being. I think the religion is a kind of thought, a type of extremely illiberal pursuit of culture, and it is the religion.

For example, the Taoism is the pursuit of the unity of nature and a kind of culture. People practice hard to integrate with the nature, environment, society harmony, and the culture as well, and it is also harmonious society culture advocated in China presently. The rests are all derivatives.

The Buddhism advocates that the sages with super intelligence shall treat benefiting and redeeming the masses as their own responsibilities. Presently, the folks are extremely sordid, rich, but cruel. The ruler and the rich are capable of looking down upon those with disadvantaged social status, and the owner of BMW who despises the beggar is strangled and deserves to die. The saving and redeeming of the masses is classical spirit in the Buddhism scriptures. Others are derivatives completely.

The doctrine of Christianity is to impel ordinary people to thank God and be thankful for the creator and to obey God’s ruler. I think God should be replaced with public interest. Every man seeks the interests of himself and herself, while God benefits everybody, and God is to serve the interests of everyone, hence God represents public interest, state and nation interests, and interests of the people all over the world. The others are derivatives completely.

The Koran of Islam stresses social system and God orders the man to establish social order and to abide by public interests and Tawhid.

I think these doctrines three requirements on conducts, and the man is required to the following:

1. Keep harmonious with others, society and nature.

2. The spirit of saving and redeeming the masses.

3. Admit public interest and abide by social order.

As a modern man, the knowledge and information mastered are incomparable when compared to those of ancients, and it is not over demanding to require modern ones to fully realise three points above-mentioned. The students of primary schools in China are learning higher mathematics, and it is not over strict to impose such three requirements on their moralities. And they should keep these requirements.

More knowledge indicates stronger power of the man to change the world, corresponding stricter requirements will be imposed on the people’s moralities. Or otherwise they will be destroyed and become terrible like the mad with the atomic bomb.

I think the people with higher moral standards should be in power, they are provided with the ability of self-discipline, being safer for anyone else. The people having lower moral standards should be given freedom to allow them to act as ordinary ones to live freely without any worry, minimising their hazard to the society.

Religious extremist forces are derived from derivatives and disgusting like mice and cockroaches. And they visited China to make troubles.

I think the United Nations should set up special military organisation to wipe out religious extremist forces and terrorist organisations and eliminate them out from the earth and send them to meet their God and Allah. These stuffs are not needed on the earth, and I hate them, so are drug traffickers settling in Mexico and golden triangle.

I think rare modern people may realise three points above-mentioned if they are treated as reference standards. But the kind-hearted people are born with these three qualifications and requirements.

Why can’t the ancients be required to fully achieve three points aforesaid?

I think maybe the productivity of ancients was backward, and the civilians are characterised with narrow sight and poor knowledge. It is undoubtedly practical to impose excessively high requirements on them, while their top priorities are to have enough to eat and wear and to take reproduction, the level of morality ranks inferior. Consequently, only one of three religions may be chosen to practice to restrain their believers. It is impractical to have overall cultivation.

I had been living together with the poorest members of society when I was born, and I have been looking into them and trying to change them.

Chinese people take no religion faith, let alone measuring the people living at the bottom of Chinese society with three religious doctrines, in that case nobody could reach the target.

I find I can’t change anyone, and the leopard cannot change its spots.

Finally the law of God applies. The fish is capable of having tens of thousands of spawns, but only one or two spawns may survive and grow until the mating season

This is the law of God, the law of the fittest survival, and the law of natural growth and extinction. The heaven and earth act fairly and treats all living creations without dignity.

I’m always annoyed extremely by them, but I finally realise and decide to give up, maybe natural development if growth and extinction will be the best choice.

Now let’s look at those who go too far and excessively.

I’m not bearable to the people living at the bottom of China. Let us have a look the people staying in rest parts of the world. You are worse than those Chinese people living at the bottom of the society.

While reading worldwide news, you are more fanatical than them, causing losses of lives and even becoming incorrigible.

Chinese people take no religious belief and conduct dirty. However, religious believers like you act more dirty and trouble-making.

I would think that it is unnecessary for the human being to exist as long as they act as such terrorists when I was irritated and lost my template.

Maybe the venue where I stay is the most evil and horrible place. And it will be better to move into a new site. But I think it is my job, and I want to clearly grasp the nature and essence of people, which is extremely evil.

I think my kind-hearted man naturally achieves three requirements. Kind-hearted people will naturally keep harmonious with the environment. Kind-hearted people will certainly save and redeem others, then they are capable.

Kind-hearted people will naturally respect social interests. And the kindness is related to social system and the environment.

As a Chinese idiom saying goes that the orange tree will bear distinctive styles of fruits in different kingdoms and environments, and their tastes vary significantly—the orange seed taste delicious in the north part of Chin while becoming bitter when they grow in the north part of China.

The identical people will generate totally different minds in different environments. The environment includes social system, social environment, social order, and social culture.

The kind-hearted people have lived under the system of ‘state capitalism’ or the system of public ownership of improved Marxism.

Kind men will go evil-minded if they live under capitalist system, and they will degenerate into Mexican-style drug traffickers or the members of Mafia.

I intensely felt this point when I heard that the tens of thousands of people rounded up violent terrorists.

It is just the environment makes everyone of then wants to act as an upright man. Everyone wants to be kind to each other. Hence, they unite and work together with a common hatred to eliminate violent terrorists.

If these same people have visited Afghanistan, I’m afraid the situation would be significantly different. The tide may be reversed, and it is that the environmental changes the mind.

Therefore, I propose that the religion-related ideas have to be combined with social system.