4、Islam Is the Root of Ignorance

3 March 2014

From the past time to now, barbaric and folly things have been always dirty and ugly during the development of human and society, so we should reject that.

But I think nowadays Islam is the most brutal and stupid religion in the world. Before killing people, terrorists prayed to Allah. Does Allah induce you to kill someone?

Those people are seemingly in the name of Allah while they are actually controlled by vicious thoughts. They are the real apostates and devils.

As the prophecy of major religions: after 2012, all the supernatural power that guides human souls will disappear. If people cannot exalt their souls, they will be destroyed.

The most obvious one is Islam. If Islam still doesn’t draw a clear distinction with terrorists, Islam will be a heresy that will launch holy wars to itself.

Through understanding Islamic countries around the world, we can know minutely which country contributes to the civilisation of mankind.

Islam presents brutal, ignorant, backward, ugly, vicious, and fierce characteristics.

It is apparent that Islamic countries only rely on petroleum.

Without petroleum, people in Islamic countries are the same as refugees in Africa.

Should Islamic countries live in this world and should they be perished with savage, ignorant, backward, dirty, ugly, and brutal images?

Bin Laden hates America who has exploited their Islamic countries.

Is this a reason? It’s their savage, ignorant, backward, dirty, ugly, and brutal characteristics that perish themselves, so they have no rights to blame others who has deprived their rights. How ridiculous and shameless!

I often witness that the rich of Arab make a large amount of money by petroleum and live an extravagant life. Some of them can be even called as parasites.

They have the same purposes like Bin Laden. The difference between Bin Laden and the rich is the expressing form, but they are same in essence.

It is believed that the rich support terrorism implicitly or explicitly. What’s more, they stand by the followers of Bin Laden.

They caused the terrorist attacks of China.

Rely on science and technology as well as trades, the United States have become a prosperous country. Even though some people of American are very arrogant, they deserve that for they have substantial capitals.

The local tyrants in Arab purely depend on the honey and milk that left by God to live. Considering this, how can they be so arrogant? Without wisdom and industrious working, they are just like rubbishes and dirty parasites.

I have said that it is the ignorant, savage, and cruel doctrine of Islam that limits the normal thoughts of people and leads them to go astray. Hence, the ideology of people is refined into a narrow range so that they are unable to recognise and understand the world appropriately.

This consciousness in the era with backward productive forces can unify thoughts to against invasion of other nationalities. This function can fully play the role in savage age.

But now it is an era of civilisation, the evocation of such barbaric thoughts are not suitable for now, which should be abandoned immediately. People who aren’t willing to abandon the evocation should be wiped out.

It is not freedom of religion, neither the democratic nor free human rights. All of these are nonsense once the significant and important things are mentioned.

Innocent Chinese people are hacked to death by these Islamic believers who carry ridiculous evocations. These religious freedom, democracy, freedom, human rights are all hollow words.

Evil is evil, and brutal is brutal.

There is no use to holding various excuses, because pretending proves the truth of hypocrisy. Evil and brutality should be abandoned, and people who aren’t willing to abandon the evocation should be wiped out. Human beings don’t need them, so does the society with civilisation. They are obsolete trashes, which is just like to the left and degenerative food, belonging to the toxic and harmful substances, which should be cleared.

Religious freedom, democracy, freedom, human rights are all nonsense.

Justice is the justice, and the truth is the truth. There is no argument. I hope that virtuous people who are affected seriously by Islamic terrorist attacks translate this article into Islamic text, and then send a piece of this text to every Muslim, helping them to make a right choice.