3、Terrorism Is Heretical Organisation

2 March 2014

Yesterday a terrorist organisation from Xinjiang slaughtered twenty-night innocent people in Kunming City.

Terrorist organisation and heretical organisation are of the same nature. Those were soldiers of the devil Satan and believers in Satan.

I said before that theocracy could not infringe majesty, on the contrary, the theocracy would be a heretical organisation.

Majesty is a power used to adjust human social and economic relations and maintain the social order of human society.

The majesty stands for social benefit as well as collective benefit.

Trample upon majesty for personal benefit means ignorance of collective benefit, social benefit, and social order, which is an evil expansion of personal desire. Even they are beside themselves doing whatever they want, even obsessed and crazy, which is the manifestation of the devil Satan.

Humankind is rather ignorant and barbaric. People who believe in terrorism and heretical organisation are all so ignorant that they lose their minds.

Their minds have been sold to the devil Satan and are all under the control of Satan. People in such a state, like they have taken drugs, lose their minds, and there is no way to redeem them. Only death can terminate all, so they are supposed to die.

Terrorism is even more like so, at least a heretical organisation recognises value of other people’s lives, but a terrorist organisation even doesn’t recognise the value of people’s lives at all. So ‘shoot-to-kill’ policy should be applied to all terrorist organisations.

Humankind is rather barbaric as well as ignorant, even some of them are irredeemable. Only with death of some of them, the world can be peaceful. I think those people who do not respect the social order and others’ benefits, trample upon the social order at will and harm others’ benefits with expansion of their own personal benefit unnecessary to live in this world. Maybe only death will make them understand what to do and not to do. They are people of the devil Satan and should be sent to where they should go. They should be sent to hell to get reunited with Satan.

People’s benefits are more important than anything else and do everything for people’s benefits, which are government’s work, truth, and justice. Here the so-called people should be considered as all the people, national benefit, and collective benefit. So I am against expansion of personal desire in capitalism, which is also a kind of evil manifestation.