2、Terrorism and Islam

According to the internet data, there are approximately more than three thousand terrorist organisations all around the world. It is a fact that Islam is the religious belief of most of the terrorist organisations.

In my opinion, Islam has the largest number of taboos and the strictest canons among the three main religions in the world—Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam. It is of certain that canons exist in other religions, but they are not so strictly executed as the ones of Islam. I heard when I was very little that persons would be stabbed to death with the knife on the spot if they unintentionally cut the pork on the cutting board of a Muslim. It is outrageous to fiercely revenge on such a tiny mistake. The Chinese government always has a bias toward Muslims by reason of respecting the folk customs, for sure.

It is unknown whether the strict canons constrain the thinking ability of brain and make people look dull, or the comparatively dull people tend to be deeply convinced of religion. The comparatively dull people are simple-minded and will not think independently but to follow what others say. I have no idea on the relation of the above, but I’m sure they are related.

I also believe that radical behaviours occur among people with other religious belief. It is natural that people behave radically when they are on impulse. However, in some region, radical collective behaviours conducted by people on impulse with the same certain religious belief could be regarded as terrorism.

It needs to be further studied on the common points among those people, the reason why they collectively conduct nonsense behaviours and the theory guiding the behaviours. It is my topic to study how to correct misbehaved people.

Religions, for centuries, have always been modifying the relationship between people and have played a role during the process of modifying. It is absolutely reasonable that religions have had effect on modifying the relationship between people all over the years, which could not be ignored and denied.

However, what I would like to make clear is that the previous functions of religion are out of date and nearly come to an end, just as many predictions mentioned before. The human productivity in the past thousands of years is incomparable with the ones created by modern people.

Crystal radios were widely used in my age of born and it consisted of one transistor. But now, hundreds of millions of transistors are equipped in our mobile phone. Productivity has made such development over the decades. It could not be imagined how barbaric people were when religions were born thousands of years ago, but it could be imagined how ignorant people were and at that time, harsh religion canons were required to normalise people’s ignorant and stupid behaviours.

As our ancestors were barbaric, ignorant, and stupid, threatening, fooling and cheating worked for any uncultivated, ignorant, and stupid people.

But what age is it now? It is the age of nuclear weapon and the age of artificial intelligence. How can barbarism and ignorance still work and have their own market at this age?

How can barbaric and ignorant religions have their importance at this age?

No matter whose national spirit is, it would only lead people to survive and prosper, to live with better life and guide people to be good. How could spirit lead people to conduct terrorist attack, which blasphemes against the Allah?

To people who would like to start a war or take vengeance on someone violating their interests, please do not take the name of Allah and please do not carry out any deeds in the name of Spirit. Please first withdraw from Islam. Spirit does not allow people to conduct any vicious deeds and people who carry out the above-mentioned deeds are considered as vicious.

The Bible mentions that the Spirit leaves honey and milk for someone. I have found that a large number of countries with Islam belief make their fortune by petroleum and natural gas, instead of developed technologies, industrious hands, and brightest minds.

This is because Islam has constrained the thinking ability of brains and makes its followers look dull and odd, who are all brawn but no brains, and who have no real skills but to stab recklessly.

I hope Islam could make some reform so as to meet the requirements and developments of technology and human civilisation and do not fool the followers with barbaric and ignorant doctrines.

It was heard of some speeches from Laden that he thought Americans robbed them by power, high-technology, and economic methods, which led him to revenge. It was too vicious and too stupid.

There is an old Chinese saying that one fails to shit but to blame the unattractive close stool, which is applied to the above situation that those countries which could not make fortune and technology by their own skills, which were lazy and were unwilling to work, which rely on selling petroleum left by ancestors, blamed the United States for its well-development and easiness to make money and do business.

People cannot be such shameless and stupid to that extent.

This is unreasonable. The earth is for each citizen on earth. Barbarism and ignorance should step aside for civilisation. This is truth and rightfulness. Please do not blame others for mistreatment but to self-question why so stupid and ignorant.

Civilisation cannot be stopped and it needs constantly development and moving forward. It is true and rightful that whoever prevents the development will suffer from failure.