1、Religion Should Follow a Principle – Religious Authority Should Never Violate Kingship

Only under this principle, a religion is righteous, otherwise, it is a heresy.

It is strange that Tao Te Ching doesn’t mention any immortals or evil spirits in terms of religion. It isn’t a religious doctrine, but it became the law book of Taoism. Diamond Sutra doesn’t mention any immortals or evil spirits in terms of religion either, but it is considered as the law book of Buddhism.

Religion is distorted and developed by some ignorant people.

Some ignorant people, who couldn’t understand the profound philosophy, not to mention to carry it forward, make use of those they don’t fully understand to elaborate their own ideas, and make up some derivatives of a law book. It is those that are understandable and can be inherited for those ignorant people, who cannot develop the law book but can only spread it.

Religion is like this, let alone heresy.

Righteous religion is inviolate to kingship.

Heresy is ignorant to kingship.

Strike a blow to heresy is eliminating evils and guarding the righteousness.

Apart from striking it, there is no use to say anything.

Any religion violate to kingship must be exterminated.

Religious authority should never violate kingship. What does ‘violate’ mean?

‘Violate’ is meaningful, including invasion, offence, and so on. While ‘violate’ in ‘Religious authority should never violate kingship’ means ‘getting involved’.

To be exact, it means ‘getting involved in bad things’, such as getting involved in difficulties, mistakes, and ignorant actions.

The religious authority should positively avoid being involved in kingship in case of bad relations, which is the basic principle of righteous religion.

Those which violate this principle are all heresies and should be prohibited and exterminated.

Religious authority and kingship are not equivalent and equal at all.

People should be treated equally, but immortals and human, spirit and substance can’t be equal.

They even can’t meet each other, just like the Yin and Yang worlds. Immortals and evil spirits in Yin couldn’t manage princes and generals in Yang. Princes and generals in Yang couldn’t be in charge of the immortals and evil spirits in Yin as well.

The world we can perceive belongs to Yang. In the world in the charge of princes and generals, immortals and evil spirits, monsters and freaks are not qualified to be equal. They have no choice but to obey and coordinate. This is just the difference between righteous religion and heresy.

Religion is religion. Politics is politics. Matters involved in spirit belong to spirit. Matters involved in material belong to material. Yours are yours. Mine is mine.

Mix everything without making any distinction between enemy and friend, good and bad is mess.

People all like messing and like making a profit in troubled situation. Those who have great power have the final say.

Then, the world must be a chaos.