95. It Is a Good Thing for Saudi Culture to Embrace Kind and Forsake Darkness for Light.

26 October 2017

Saudi Arabia announced today that it will carry out cultural reforms, transforming the kingdom into an inclusive society. This should be a good thing.
Originally, I wanted to find them, and let them be honest before God. However, they should run away before they had been in court.

I scared away the devil and fooled the king. I have nothing to do but to go on with my video games. Since the king surrendered, then the Islamic extremism organizations around the world should be secular, collapsed, and disappeared soon.

I believed that the war between Syria and Iraq is about to finish. A culture war is coming soon. I did not expect their master should run away first before the war started. There must be some certain reasons that Saudi Arabia attributed the origins of Islamic extremism to Iran’s 1979 Islamic Revolution.

Because after the Islamic Revolution in Iran, various Islamic forces in different countries just saw that they can obtain the political power and lead the Islamic world as long as they made their original religion fundamental and extremified.

Therefore, they are fundamentalist and extremified about their religion, getting more and more extreme, ambitious and greed, wanting to lead the Islamic world.

The purpose of the original religion and being extremified is to compete the speaking and leading right in Islamic world. And Turkey also wants to enjoy a piece of cake in Islamic world. There is no good person in such a chaotic world.
Although Iran is the birthplace of the Islamic Revolution, Iran’s problems are:

1. Anti-Jewish
2. Anti-America
3. Union of church and state

Iran should not be to blame for the terrorist attack around the world. Sunnite has done most of the Islamic terrorist attacks. You may say that Hezbollah also uses rockets to attack Israel. But the problem of Hezbollah and Israel is a war act and cannot be completely considered as a terrorist attack. And most countries in the world currently oppose Israel, even if God supports it.

The problem between Iran and Shiites lies in their routes and policies. There are not many problems about justice or evil. Therefore, Iran is not a bad one, but is obeying the law of God and the Koran.

The problem of Iran is that the current period is the end of religious era. You need to change the ideology and sublimate your spirit. You should accept all the laws that God has revealed, including but not limited to capitalism, communism, Buddhist scriptures, Bible as well as Tao Te Ching rather than just obeying the Koran.