94. Terrorism Springs Up because of Overnutrition and over Enrichment in the Middle East.

7 June 2017

Chinese old people often suffer from cancers, heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes. Someone calls them as illness of affluence.

At the early new China era, Chinese people even couldn’t be on short commons, let alone diabetes and cancers.

Nowadays, we have the excellent living conditions. People make a pig of themselves, resulting in overnutrition, so as to provide sufficient nutrition to cancer cells, toxic, and harmful substances. Therefore, these cancer cells form cancers through mass propagation.

I think terrorism also has the similar principle. After petroleum is found out in the Middle East, it accumulates too much treasure. People want to make trouble and have fun for too much money. Otherwise, they feel too vacuous and boring.

Moreover, the money isn’t created by themselves. Instead, it is created by God. They occupy malignantly. If it is created by themselves through hardships, they definitely won’t abuse it. Qatar and Saudi are such typical cases.

They supported Wahhabi and Salafi, created Arab Spring, carried out terrorist activities around the world, provoked a war in the Middle East, killed westerners in western countries by using trucks, bombs, automatic rifles, and axes.

According to Quran, it shows that “As digging out the golden hill in Euphrates, the disaster came with it.”

Humans are just stupid. After they have a power, the only thing that they can image is terrorism. People never consider warning of the God, “We should do good works.”

Quran emphasizes for many times, “Strive with one another to hasten to virtuous deeds.”

If money is applied correctly, the earth can be transformed well. I suggest that the global powerful organization and foundation should be established to greatly transform the underdeveloped areas, turmoil areas, desolated areas and poverty-stricken areas and transform from ideology, military, politics, culture, economy, and natural environment comprehensively.

Your ignorance should be attributed to God. Otherwise, you have no need to exist in the world.