91. Free Syrian Army supported by the West trapped and killed 68 children with chips

19 April 2017

When the Western countries made use of false news and uniformly denounced Syria’s use of chemical weapon, the Free Army supported by the West made news again.

It is not false news, but breaking news with pictures and facts—‘Free Syrian Army supported by the West trapped and killed 68 children and other refugees fleeing from the battleground with chips, and totally 126 people died in an explosion’.

These days, it is not huge news that hundreds of people were killed by terrorists; what makes me angry is that the Western media that maintains justice remains silent and ignores it collectively for this news with such hyping value.

The picture that a child with dust on his face is sitting in the chair is spread by the Western media; that child is still alive but made up and a little dirty. The Western people care about it in such a way.

Today, 68 children died, in a way of trapping a cat, dog, and chick. The Free Army supported by the West disguised the self-explosion vehicle as vehicle transporting relief goods, pretended to give out chips for free, collected the hungry children first, and then exploded the vehicle. 126 of them were killed, most of whom were children that got together and waited for chips. However, they were killed in the explosion before the chips came.

It was so dramatic that it was more attractive and shocking than a Hollywood blockbuster. But the Western media and al-Jazeera remain silent and ignore it collectively.

Because it was done by the Free Army supported by the West.

The Muslim Hadith said Dajjal is extraordinarily bad.

The Free Army supported by the West can be said to be extraordinarily bad.

There are so many bad men at all times and in all countries; they did a lot of bad things, but none of them is worse than this one—specially targeted at hungry children, trapped and killed with chips.

What are worse are the Western media and Western government even did not report such shocking news to their people. Such a bad behaviour it is.

The Pope, who washes feet of criminals, specially also ignores it, and I could not curb my anger.

Why not ask its global believers to pray for the dead children? Why not call up global believers to oppose Free Syrian Army? Why not call on global believers to blame the Free Syrian Army?

The Pope should give out a hanging rope to every drug dealer, ask them to hang themselves and confess to God face to face, instead of kissing their smelly feet.

It should hasten all the demons to hell, and only leave good people on the ground.