88. Being against Islam and Mexican drug dealers is not racism

18 February 2017

Racism is discrimination and persecution marked by race. For example, German persecution of Jews in the Second World War, riots of Indonesia, and Rwanda genocide are all racist examples. They have one thing in common, that is, inferior local people persecute external people who are economically developed with their population advantage because they think their interest is damaged.

Jews are richer and more excellent than Germans.

Overseas Chinese people are richer and more excellent than Indonesians.

Hutu people are richer and more excellent than the Tutsi.

Local sub-humans are incapable of making money. They are jealous of and bear a grudge against foreign races. They feel they are invaded. Therefore, they conduct persecution and slaughters. It’s racism.

Moslems and Mexican drug dealers are not outstanding races. They are sheer inferior races. They are sinful races and people. To expel inferior races and sinful people and guilty races is not racial persecution. It’s not racism. Instead, it’s protection of the truth and the righteous.

Germans apologised for their offence, so they are civilised people.

Indonesians didn’t offer an apology to overseas Chinese people; neither Hutu did to the Tutsi and Japanese people to Chinese people. Hence, so far they are still barbarians and sinful people.

People who are guilty should be punished. That’s called fairness. That’s called justice. It’s fair and justice-seeking to let sinful people suffer.

Still less, Trump didn’t punish them but to simply drove them away to protect his own country and people from being hurt. Therefore, Trump is completely fair and righteous. He is not wrong at all. The technological bosses’ fingerpointing doesn’t make sense at all. It’s completely bullshit.

All Muslims are sinful because the Koran has been thoroughly outdated and cannot adapt to modern civilisation and modern society. Plenty of scriptures in the Koran are anti-mankind and anti-civilisation. As a result, people who follow and safeguard the Koran are found guilty. All of them should be punished because Islam is against mankind and civilisation.

Islamists shall rectify the Koran immediately. Islam must immediately accept modern civilisation and laws, abandon and revise obsolete laws in the Koran. They can get rid of evilness only when they fit in modern society and modern civilisation. Otherwise, they need to be punished.

Mexico is the most notorious drug trafficking country in today’s world. The entire country is permeated with drug dealers and controlled by them. Mexico must act like Philippines to execute drug dealers, eliminate them, and fight against them. Only in this way can the truth and justice be upheld. Otherwise, it is the centre of the evil and the origin of demons.

Expelling Mexicans and discriminating against them are not racial discrimination. Instead, it’s hatred for the demon and it’s an expiation of the demon. It’s God’s will. It is the truth and it is justice.