87. The president of Syria favours the ‘Muslim ban’, because their country has been deeply afflicted

11 February 2017

Recently, many countries have showed their opposition to the ‘Muslim ban’.

Most stringently, the ‘Muslim ban’ has stipulated that Syrian citizens are permanently banned from entering the United States.

However, the president of Syria didn’t oppose this ban but conveyed his understanding and support in public.

Why? Because Syria has been deeply afflicted. Syria is a typical case.

The president of Syria has always said that the war of Syria has nothing to do with the country at all but is purely a war from the outside. The core members and diehards who fight in Syria are not Syrians at all, but terrorists from other countries, including Saudi Arabia, the state of Qatar, and Turkey. Of course, there are also supporting countries such as Hezbollah, Iran, and Russia.

The war wouldn’t break out in Syria at all if its government was capable of banning the terrorists they didn’t welcome from entering their country.

Today, Syria is in ruins, totally because its government was incapable of rejecting those evil persons’ entry to their country and taking control of their borders. In other words, the present situation of Syria is a result of globalisation.

It will be the same as today’s Syria if a country fails to take control of its borders, reject admittance of evil persons to it, or ban people from countries of origin of terrorism.

I have discovered that the president of Iraq has also conveyed his dissatisfaction with the ‘Muslim ban’, because Iraq is also included in this ban.

All other countries have reasons to express their discontent with the ‘Muslim ban’ except for Iraq, as Iraq is essentially the country of origin for IS. After the overturn of Saddam’s regime, former Iraqi soldiers mostly joined IS. This was also the fundamental reason why the Islamic State was so powerful in the war. They were the most powerful regular Iraqi army in the Middle East rather than guerrilla forces on gullies or young soldiers.

Recently, tens of thousands of terrorists were transferred from the battlefield in Mosul of Iraq to the Syrian battlefield after Mosul was encircled. As a result, great harm and threat was posed to Syrian soldiers and people. This was like a part of former American government’s work.

It is Iraq that has contributed to terrorists’ acts of terrorism. Meanwhile, Iraq is still constantly doing harm to other countries and inflicting them with terrorism. You are impenitent. You neither apologise to the world nor to Syria but still file an objection against the ‘Muslim ban’. Men can’t be so impudent like you.

The fact that Trump is opposed to Islam and Mexican drug dealers doesn’t mean he’s a racist.

Recently, some bosses of American technological companies have been saying that Trump is a racist. I think it’s ridiculous.