86. Help to Muslims is Satan’s temptation to believers

26 July 2016

The Koran:

[002: 268] Satan threatens you with poverty and enjoins you to be niggardly, and Allah promises you forgiveness from Himself and abundance; and Allah is Ample-giving, Knowing.

[004: 120] He gives them promises and excites vain desires in them; and the Satan does not promise them but to deceive.

[022: 004] Against him it is written down that whoever takes him for a friend, he shall lead him astray and conduct him to the chastisement of the burning fire.

[019: 083] Do you not see that We have sent the Satan against the unbelievers, inciting them by incitement?

The Koran mentioned repeatedly, Satan implements beneficial temptation on believers like terrifying them with poverty and ordering them with scandals. Satan will give property to believers for fame and give promise to believers for temptation. Believers will be misled by Satan and brought to hell.

Satan is the test of Allah on believers.

Satan’s temptation to misbelievers aims to curse others and makes people go to hell with it.

In Muslims’ eyes, misbelievers are Satan and will go to hell after death. This is a thing repeatedly stressed by the Koran and also deep rooted in the mind of Muslims.

Any influence of the civilised world on Muslims is Satan’s test and temptation to believers and will bring Muslims to hell.

That is the reason why the German, French, and European people help refugees but are madly revenged by Muslims.

Since you are not helping Muslims but tempting them, you are Satan rather than goodness. You are not helping Muslims get through the difficulties. It is completely a mistake and an absurd movement of showing your concern in vain.

You need to stop giving any help to Muslims immediately and expel all of them from Europe and your country, and that is the thing you need to do.

Muslims are bombed and attacked because Allah wants to challenge them. Your help to Muslims is destroying the cultivation of them and will bring them to hell. You are hurting Muslims and weakening their faith in Allah. It is a Satan’s act. Europeans will receive mad revenge, because this is Muslims expressing their loyalty to Allah.