134. China’s Harmonious Society, Fairness, and Justice

9 August 2018

Since 2013, there have been countless Internet financial fraud case where fraudsters have swept away the hard-earned money of countless innocent people.

Instead of helping victims recover their money, the government slandered victims, “The sufferings were caused by their own actions with vicious expansion in their greed and blind pursuit for trifling advantages. They’ve lost their own money. It was just penny-wise and pound foolish.”

They misjudged their crimes or even released crooks and refused to recover the money for victims. What’s worse, they even formulated Regulation on Disposal of Illegally Raised Funds, based on which victims should take their own responsibilities and undertake their own losses in a legal sense.

“Public service advertisements” of Shanghai Municipal People’s Government are released in subways in Shanghai every day, which say, “Any participant in raising funds illegally is people’s enemy. They are negative examples for sacrificing their money on trifling advantages. Those involved in illegal fund raising deserve bad luck. They need to undertake their own losses and take their own responsibilities.”

After the victims of Internet financial fraud have been cheated out of all their property by the government in partnership with the fraudsters countless times, and after they have failed to defend their rights and lost their money countless times, finally they figured it out and decided to unite to safeguard rights.

The first thing they did was to defend their rights together in Beijing on August 6th. But what is the final result? The victims suffered Chinese governments’ “Harmony.”

What is Chinese governments’ Harmony? It means strictly monitoring the words and deeds of all victims, using the resources of all countries to undermine the victims’ rights protection actions.

Because the action on August 6 was an online call and organized for a long time, everyone knows about it. Of course, the Chinese government, which has mastered the world’s most advanced monitoring technology and has the world’s largest number of banknotes, is fully aware of it. They issued documents, demanding all local governments and departments to adopt different methods to prevent victims from raising complaints in Beijing. They knew who would protest in Beijing from surveillance on social media and communication tools like QQ, Wechat, Micro-blogs, and mobile phones. They put everyone who ever bought wealth management products and suffered losses into a blacklist.


1. Put some people’s ID information into a blacklist for traffic control so that they were not allowed to buy any trip tickets which required for real-name certification like train tickets and air tickets.

2. Required all local police stations to warn all potential petitioners, who were demanded to write guarantee letters for no more petitions.

3. Sent policemen on trains to arrest people who bought P2P and train tickets to Beijing.

4. Grounded or deliberately delayed some train schedules and flights to Beijing.
5. Policemen arrested people in hotels based on blacklist in Beijing. Sometimes they just broke in.

6. Blocked people on blacklist by establishing checkpoints on roads to Beijing.

7. Chinese governments sent out policemen to examine everybody’s ID cards on roads to Beijing. Anyone who was listed into blacklist would be arrested immediately. Chinese governments were said to have arrested several thousand people on the day of August 6th, most of which would be forced to send back home while a few organizers and activists would be sent into prison.

8. A large number of buses and policemen stood by on roads near some petition officers in Beijing. The policemen would load those people who reached petition destinations after barriers one after another into buses, which would be locked up in temporary detention locations and sent back home or sent into prison.

It was said that Chinese governments had accomplished their task for harmony once again. And China was in harmony again with nationwide celebrations for peace, prosperity and praises for merits and virtues.

The following are some representative online comments from netizens or participants in petition in Beijing.

1. The most classic sentence today, “No one ever hopes for utter chaos, and everyone knows how important social stability is. But such social stability must be established based on universal respect and promises for social fairness and justice, instead of keeping us silent in the face of your corruption through misuse of laws or blackmails. So damn well said! (Reprinted).”

2. “I do not know what on earth is going wrong! I went to Beijing because I felt so dark in Hangzhou; I thought that it would be brighter in Beijing!”

“At the beginning, I always could not figure out why we were so afraid to be known by Chinese governments. Wasn’t it the exact intention to let them know to go to Beijing? I ever thought that so many people’s joint strength would surely arouse their attention and that Central Government would issue a highest order to maintain social stability by speeding up cracking criminal cases in Hangzhou.

Unexpectedly, the highest order that we received was to block traffic at home, forcefully detain us, arrest people in public on trains, delay or even cancel flights!

I always thought that my enemy was fraudster. What the fuck! Suddenly I realized that I was a wanted man and that I was an enemy of the state! Right, policemen in Beijing said today that they would arrest anyone who ever bought P2P.

Goodbye, Beijing! I ever thought I only hated Hangzhou!”

3. Thanks, my dear comrades. Thanks, everyone, and thanks, my dear comrades. Thanks for being around with me from the very beginning. If I were alone, I would surely be driven crazy, or even scared the hell out of my soul!

I ever thought that I was looking for a light, but I realized that bright roads were filled with absolute darkness! I ever thought that people’s interests were above everything else, but people turned out to be nothing.

It looked like that today’s campaign had failed. Layers of siege interceptions separated all of us. But actually, today’s campaign did not fail at all. For these financial refugees, they have doubled, tripled, even quadrupled police presence. Because they were scared!

Meanwhile, today’s spontaneous campaign presented us with strong awareness on truth, firm wills and clear directions.

Dear, comrades, we must live well. Let’s see what’s going to happen to these claw-baring demons!”

A harmonious society should be realized only after social internal conflicts are truly settled and social fairness and justice are truly protected.

But not that when people suffer injustice, persecution, fraud, blackmail or serious injuries, governments do not stand up for people’s rights and benefits, maintain social justice, wipe out the evil or save people from sufferings while making people undertake their own losses, admit their own misfortune, swallow up their grievances and accept persecution, fraud, fraud, extortion as well as serious injuries.

It is not a harmonious society. It is heresy.