133. China’s Stability Maintenance

16 June 2018

I am fortunate enough to declare that I am a victim of Shan Lin financial fraud. I was defrauded of RMB fifty thousand yuan by Shan Lin Financial and I am actively participating in the so-called maintenance of legal rights.

It is just fifty thousand yuan for me but the biggest financial fraud case in history for Chinese people. I have analyzed much about the case.

Financial reform in China started around 2013, during which private capital was required to serve for small and micro enterprises and entity economy. There emerged thousands of financial management companies in China overnight that absorbed deposits with the interest rate five times higher than that of banks for the following P2P investment.

There were exactly some financial management companies serving for entity economy but the majority of them were making false investment escaping with your money under various names.

Under my appeal, Chinese government cracked down on false investment three years ago but there were still some financial management companies with support having escaped the crackdown, such as Shan Lin Financial.

Under my appeal, Chinese government also combated and attempted to ban the usury last year. It is said that Shan Lin Financial made money by usury. When the government started to crackdown on the usury, Shan Lin Financial lost its profitability so it prepared to escape with money.

There are about 170,000 victims and 20 billion yuan failed cash of Shan Lin Financial.


I do not know how Chinese government handled with this case. What I know only is how Chinese government prohibited the victims from protecting their own rights and interests.


According to the previous case law, Chinese government has identified all the financial fraud cases as illegal fund-raising and illegal absorption of public deposits. Furthermore, Chinese government has also formulated regulations on treatment of illegal fund-raising that requires victims to shoulder the losses and responsibility by themselves. Chinese government has identified their behaviors illegal, so they shall not be protected by laws.

When the government promotes financial reform, each major media, official media, various conferences, and officials also help to promote the reform. However, after financial fraud cases, the government identifies the behavior illegal and requires victims to shoulder the losses and responsibility by themselves. Thus, I am fully convinced that it is a trap. We do not know who set the trap, but we were definitely cheated by money, or even the country.


The special stability maintenance system of China. There have been tens of thousands of financial fraud cases in China and some even took place five years ago. However, as I know, there has been no one getting a penny back.

The investigation toward fraudsters of Chinese government is completely useless without any achievement. As far as I am concerned, the police said that there were thousands of fraud cases in Shanghai every year while there were only five hundred cops in charge of economic cases. Therefore, there cannot be anyone recovering for the money cheated. It completely owes to the insufficient police forces and the imbalance between the police force and the number of cases.

Nevertheless, Chinese police have achieved greatly in controlling, suppressing, and intimidating victims.


Firstly, the police forces of each place have arrested all the salesmen of Shan Lin Financial regardless of the business volume. In order to cut off the connection between salesmen and customers and prohibit the salesmen from organizing customers for right maintenance, a large number of salesmen were arrested and the salesmen who were not under arrest yet were intimidated or threatened by the police. They were required not to contact any customer.

Because the customers do not know each other, they cannot mutually contact. Only the salesmen know the contact information of customers. Chinese government has numerous police forces with extremely high efficiency for arresting salesmen and stability maintenance instead of any time or police forces for catching the fraudsters.


Chinese government has assigned a large number of Internet agents to monitor and scout the speeches and behaviors of victims. As victims, we often get together for meals and information exchange. During meals, most victims received phone calls from the police to be required to report where they were.

Now, network real-name system is required in China. If the police attempt to investigate any speech online, they can obtain all the information of the spokesmen, such as phone number, name, and address, at any time. The police have arranged agents in the group chat of each victim to monitor the speeches and behaviors of victims at any time.


Chinese government suppresses the petitioners. In a petitioning activity yesterday, some victims entrusted a representative to Shanghai Public Security Bureau to know about the case progress. Because the economic investigators failed to provide the victims with any case progress after two months, the victims were eager to know how much Zhou Boyun could compensate for them. They were so eager to know how much they could recover because some money comes from their parents’ lifelong deposits or the young’s years of struggle while some money is for patients’ lives or children’s education.

Thus, they assigned some representatives to know about the situations in Shanghai. There were about seventy representatives in total in each province. However, since the day before yesterday, there was news that all the representatives had received phone calls from the police that they were not allowed to go to Shanghai for inquiries.

Yesterday, some representatives were intercepted by the police halfway while some representatives were arrested by the police in disguise when getting off the train.

There were seventeen representatives being arrested by policemen one to one when they were having meals in a Shanghai restaurant. It is said that the police have known from technical and agent measures that they have discussed the petitioning in Wechat so they must be arrested and repatriated home.

There was even one representative repatriated home calling me to ask if I could help them to prosecute that Shanghai police intercepted their petitioning at a Shanghai people’s court. I was too busy to accept the appeal.

According to what I know, there was one representative reached Police Station of Pudong District to inquire after overcoming numerous difficulties and obstacles but failed to get any useful information.


Chinese government is the richest government in the world because it masters a large number of large monopolistic state-owned enterprises apart from taxation.

However, it only arranges five hundred cops for tens of thousands of economic crime cases in Shanghai. For lack of money for hiring cops? Definitely not. The government owns numerous money.

It can be indicated how much the government has spent through the efficient suppression and arrest of salesmen, the efficient monitoring of victims’ Wechat records and efficient arrest of petitioners.

However, for the past five years, in the numerous financial fraud cases, the criminals were only sentenced for about five-year imprisonment while there was not even one victim recovering a penny. Furthermore, the government has even formulated Regulations on Treatment of Illegal Fund-raising to legally require the victims to shoulder the responsibility and losses by themselves.

Apparently, state machinery is serving for the fraudsters, for the corrupted officials. The officials are colluding with the banditry to persecute the citizens.

In view of this issue, state machinery becomes the tool that helps the monsters and persecutes the citizens instead of serving for the citizens.

In my opinion, there shall be police forces of corresponding quantity for cases.

It is a must for them to recover the money of citizens and catch the fraudsters.

If the fraudsters refuse to return the money, they shall be sentenced to death.

The citizens will always support the government no matter how much recovery of cheated money costs. Otherwise, it is the collusion between officials and the banditry. Don’t talk nonsense.


According to the latest information, there have been more than twelve petitioners among the non-local petitioners who went to Shanghai to inquire about the situations these days losing contact with their family. They might be arrested by the police. Since it has been several days, they even did not inform their family within twenty-four hours.

There may be more people losing contact. This is the current known number of people losing contact.