132. Issue of Sex Trade Legality

24 May 2018

I have talked about it for many times before. A recent case happened in China makes people discuss this issue again.

An airline stewardess was raped and killed by an online car-hailing driver. And then this driver committed suicide by jumping into a river. Some people discuss the issue of sex trade legality. They think it’s time to make sex trade realize disclosure and legalization, so as to reduce these malignant sexual assault cases.

In fact, if this taxi driver can satisfy their sexual desire in the sex trade market, why did he rape and kill her and kill himself to perish together with the so-called beauty?

If sex trade is legal, we can find out more beautiful beauties in the sex trade places, which have low costs and various types. Therefore, it has no need to rape and kill someone, let alone perish together with the beauty and head toward disaster for satisfying sexual desire for once.

It is really unworthy for this driver. And it makes people feel bored for ugliness and hypocrisy of the society. This is the law formulated by some so-called noble people in high position. To some extent, the old-fashioned law is the demon. The old-fashioned law can’t regulate the social relationship between people but creates conflicts and tragedies artificially. This is an evil behavior.

Desire for the opposite sex and sexual behavior are neither criminal nor unforgivable. This is the inherent procedure of people. Without desire, mankind can’t be called as the human anymore.

People formulate various laws and morality for realizing social management, maintaining social order and completing social governance. Instead, it is not the tool for people in high position to maintain their status and satisfy their vanity. To some extent, I think they are the demons in a sense. I have repeatedly emphasized that our social reality is that sexual behavior of non-marriage has become the social mainstream and consensus. However, fair sexual behavior of non-marriage in buying and selling is defined as an illegal behavior by some people in high position, so as to create tragedies and conflicts constantly.

Marriage in transaction and sexual blackmail have become the mainstream of China. Moreover, through the propagation of news media and cultural performance, the financial swindling in extremely ugly marriage form is being the mainstream culture of Chinese society.

Of course, sexual slaves become tools to persecute people in some western countries because many sexual workers can’t be protected by law, so they become objects to be abused cruelly and crazily by ganglands and become their money-making tools.

It doesn’t mean that I advocate sexual behavior of non-marriage, while this phenomenon exactly becomes the social mainstream. This is the objective existence and we must confront with it. Any person who denies the established fact and objective existence, they are the demons of heresies.

The fact is the fact. No matter what it is, we must confront with it and must admit it. It doesn’t mean admitting this fact will affect reputation of politicians and their political career, so these politicians just don’t admit it. This is the heresy, and this is shameless.

Why can this phenomenon become the mainstream?

Social development, development of human rights, and economic development greatly increase economic rights and other rights of women, which are almost equal with men.

In addition, those social regulations and cultures that restrained power and conditions of women previous are gradually disappearing. Previous cultures and social regulations can’t adapt to the social reality anymore. Many people think that the Bible and the Koran greatly oppose to prostitutes. That is right. In fact, God not only opposes to prostitutes, but also refuses the sexual behavior of non-marriage.

Nevertheless, if God denies that the sexual behavior of non-marriage is the social mainstream, no one believes in God, the Bible and the Koran.

Words that God said several thousand years ago, the Bible, and the Koran can’t provide guide and help for the current society. The issue is that after women have more rights, they refuse fertility and marriage for enjoyment. Meanwhile, they engage in the sexual behavior of non-marriage. Because marriage affects their quality of life, they make a higher price for marriage.

Therefore, the subsequent social phenomenon is the reduction of populations and reduction of total social demands. In addition, reduction of populations also lowers the speed of economic development. Meanwhile, western countries introduce Muslims and Africans or other low-quality populations, resulting in the serious national issue, failure of social management, and sharp social contradictions.

In China, marriage in transaction causes deterioration of social morality, reduces the overall moral character of the society, and forms the sharp social contradictions. Also, China has the trends and risks in aging of populations and reduction of populations.

About how to solve this problem, the practice in ancient times, the Bible and the Koran was to constrain and oppress women. Now, we should solve this problem on the basis of protecting women’s human rights. We can’t solve it by oppressing women.

I think that we need polygamy, transaction of babies or production of babies in factories, and legalization of sex trade. All of these can simply solve this problem.