131. The Petition of Victims of Shan Lin Financial Fraud (Shanghai) to the Central Inspection Team

15 May 2018

The financial fraud cases in Shanghai happen frequently, but all of them are sentenced very lightly, I think this is problematic and unfair, and this is the root cause of the problem.

I was the former sales manager of Xinhua Insurance Company and worked for this company from the salesman to the excellent team leader for eight years from 2007 to 2015. So I am very familiar with the financial industry in Shanghai.

From the beginning of financial fraud up to now, I become a victim. I am a witness.

I think all the frauds are purely the collaboration of fraudsters and corrupt officials who take advantage of loopholes in financial reform and fraudulently engage in activities of financial fraud. Moreover, this is a premeditated and well-planned fraud.

The financial reform initiated by Premier Li Keqiang around 2013 aims to encourage the financial industry to serve small and medium-sized enterprises and private economy, invigorate private capital, and promote inclusive finance.

Its starting point is good, and some P2P, P2B, Internet platforms are indeed serving small and micro enterprises and the real economy.

But at the same time, there are a lot of so-called financial management companies, P2P, P2B, funds, online, offline, which use various names and flags, they don’t do any physical investment, and don’t serve any physical economy.

They fabricate false objects and contracts, engage in Ponzi schemes, and ravage the people’s lifeblood for asset transfers and profligacy. I think the government has played a very bad role in this fraud campaign. Not only they did not protect the people, recover stolen money and crack down on fraudsters, but they also pass the buck to the victims, accuse them of coveting small profits, and ask them to bear the losses.

a. I think the financial fraud is claimed by the government as illegally absorbing public deposits or illegally raising funds. It is a conspiracy of some officials and fraudsters in the government.

As for the nature of the case, is it illegal absorption of public deposits, or illegal fund-raising, or financial fraud? It is understandable that common people do not know the difference among them. But the economic investigation departments that deals with economic crimes all day long are also confusing right and wrong, which is seriously doubtful.

Shanghai’s judicial system and fraudsters are premeditated to setup a trap to plunder the people’s lifeblood.

In fact, the difference among them is very simple, all those moneys collected by investment companies from customers are doing physical investment in according to the projects agreed in the contract, this is the behavior of private lending. It is in accordance with the policy of inclusive finance.

Those who fabricate false contracts and fabricate false projects are financial frauds. People do not understand, but the economic investigation department that deals with economic crimes every day are impossible not to understand. But almost all of malignant financial fraud cases in Shanghai from reporting to court trial, there is no word of “fraud” from beginning to end.

What does this mean? Does this mean that the whole judicial system in Shanghai has been bought off by fraudsters and is deliberately sheltering fraudsters? Are they helping fraudsters get rid of crimes? Besides, what else does it mean?

What is fraud? What is deposit? What is fund-raising? These simple nouns can be made clear by consulting the Xinhua Dictionary and by asking a Chinese teacher of primary school. And those economic investigation departments and judicial personnel that deals with economic crimes all day long are confusing right and wrong. They deliberately fabricate charges for we, victims of financial fraud, describe us as participants in illicit fund-raising, as the people who go for wool and come home shorn and need accept experience and lessons.

So I believe that there is a suspicion of corruption in Shanghai’s judicial system. They collude with the fraudsters and maliciously setup traps to defraud us innocent people’s lifetime savings, pension money, and life-saving money.

They conspire to treat us victims as Tang Monk’s meat, lambs to be slaughtered, and feasts, everyone wants to have a piece of meat.

b. I think another proof that some people in the government conspire with fraudsters is the Disposal of Illegal Fund-raising Ordinance, which clearly states in Article 4 that “participants in illegal fund-raising shall bear the loss of their own participation in illegal fund-raising.”

The government takes taxpayer’s money, they do not recover the stolen money, they do not protect the people. Instead, they let the victims themselves bear responsibility.

It’s like the villain rapes the beautiful woman, but the government accuses the beautiful woman of wearing too revealing, deliberately seduces the bad person. The government lets the bad person go, and letting the beautiful women go home and take the responsibility for self reflection. The government cannot be irresponsible like this. Are there any heavenly principles? Is there justice? Are you still communist?

It goes out to see that the streets are full of socialist core values, “Prosperity, democracy, civilization, harmony, freedom, equality, justice, nomocracy, patriotism, dedication, integrity, friendliness.” Of course, people need faith. That’s right. But our real society is that the common people are being maliciously defrauded of finance, there are thousands of cases of big size and small size. The amount of money from tens of thousands to tens of millions basically like a stone dropped into the sea to this day.

The Chinese government does not help the people return to the lost money but requires the people themselves to bear the losses of financial fraud.

Hundreds of millions of victims and families, what do they think of this twenty-four words on the street? Do they have faith? Do they make people around them have faith? I can say that only when they take back their money, will they have faith.

c. In 2013, I felt that there were great intrigues and risks in it.

When I was the manager of an insurance company in 2013, many colleagues of my team switched to financial management companies. I also interviewed and inspected many financial management companies. Because I was a group leader of the insurance company, they took a fancy to my client resources. Many financial management companies tried their best to get me.

Some financial management companies told me directly, “You can pull in the money from the customers. If something goes wrong, it has nothing to do with you. Don’t be afraid.” From the beginning, they thought about how to cheat customers’ money and how to retreat. This is purely a malicious financial fraud. All the financial fraud companies are conspiracy, they designed how to cheat money, how to retreat five years ago. The junior salesman was unaware because their grades were not high enough. Senior business executives must know the inside story.

I have seen too much. These are all a series of well-planned malignant fraud cases. Instead of fund-raising case and savings case. In summary, I ask:

a. Any case that fails to carry out physical investment in accordance with the project of contract and causes losses to the victim. They should be convicted as crime of financial fraud, and they should be heavier, faster, and more severely punished. Fraudsters with more than one hundred million fraudulent amounts who are unable to recover their clients’ losses should be executed.

b. The regulations on illegal fund-raising should be abolished immediately. It is a political conspiracy that the government shirk responsibility, and a few conspirators blame the innocent people for the responsibility of financial fraud. The people firmly oppose the implement of such policies and regulations.

c. We call for the characterization of Shan Lin Financial cases as financial fraud.

d. If the boss of Shan Lin doesn’t bring our money back, we strongly demand that Zhou Boyun be sentenced to death. China used to execute all these financial fraudsters. So at that time, the social order was good and there was no malicious financial fraud at all. In recent years, financial fraud has been exempted from death penalty in our country. That’s why financial fraud has erupted frequently. And those fraudsters actually cheat in the name of the Great hall of the people and the state. If this can be endured, what else cannot be?

Our country must take action to resolutely curb the rampant and unscrupulous situation of financial fraudsters for giving people justice.

If the state does not kill them, this is not enough to calm the people. If the state does not kill them, this is not enough to uphold justice. If the state does not kill them, there is no heavenly principles. If the state does not kill them, it will not maintain normal social order.

However, our intention is not killing, we want to retrieve our losses. If Zhou Boyun and his colleagues can retrieve most of our losses, they can be exempted from death penalty. Never forget what happened before. Finally, the victims of Shan Lin Financial ask the government to protect the people and bring justice to us.