129. Medical Trouble Profiteer (MDP) Who Cause Severe Injury to Doctor Shall Be Killed at Site

16 February 2018

Medical trouble has always been in China. In a recent news, an MDP caused four times comminuted facial fracture to the doctor with a hammer. In other words, the MDP used at least a big hammer and hit the doctor’s face four times.

In my view, the criminal shall be killed at the door of the hospital according to his behavior. On the basis of current judicial system, medical troubles belong to fighting and brawling due to economic dispute. Economic dispute, emotional outburst, and the amount of involved money is huge, so it looks like the dispute is reasonable, so death sentence is unnecessary in normal condition.

Some netizens believed that the hospital just earn blood money and want to strip every penny of the patient family. So the doctor deserve it, and the dispute is reasonable.
I think this is because the judicial system protects the devil. Because they are not sentenced to death, so they harass with unreasonable demands and breach the order intentionally. They should be killed at site as a warning to others.

Let’s analyze this case. First, whether the disputes are reasonable or not. As for the netizens and medical trouble profiteers accuse the hospital earn blood money and strip the money of the patients’ family, I admit that they are right.

For me, I will ask clearly about what I had done with my money, what effect it will cause and what I can gain when I spent every penny. Whether it is used to buy some things or cure sickness of my family. Even cure the sickness of the people I love most; my interest shall not be damaged. For this reason, I was called ruthless by my family. I know normal people can’t be ruthless like me.

But for living people, this is the most sensible choice. I think the reason that cause the conflict between doctor and patient is the doctor gave wrong guide and bad advice to the patient’s family.

Some diseases can’t be cured at all, so it is useless to spend money on it. But as the family members, they don’t know, don’t want to admit or don’t want to think in this way, but as medical organization, they should give reasonable advice to the family members.

When cure the patients to certain degree and the patient’s family spend enough money, from the reasonable perspective, the medical organization should suggest the family members to treat conservatively or given up treatment, don’t spend more money on it.

The patient may have a high probability cannot be cured, but the living person needs to keep money to live well. And if the family needs to continue treatment, they must sign, and admitted to voluntarily pay the money on treatment under the condition that the hospital explicitly recommends giving up treatment.

Family members are often irrational when treating their loved ones. But the doctor knows very well that the patient is cannot be cured. Even spend more money, the doctor can only prolong a few months for the patients.

So I think the family members should get rational advice. And authoritative doctors should tell them to stop spending money and stop useless investment.

From the perspective of the hospital, this is impeding them to earn money. But this is morality.

When medical troubles happened, majority netizens commiserate the criminals; the fundamental reason is the doctor has no morality, they didn’t give rational advice to the patient for the benefit of patient’s family. Not only will they not give rational advice to their families, but they will also receive red packets and kickbacks.

Second, from another perspective, medical trouble profiteer should be killed at site if they cause severe injury to medical personnel. I think maybe some medical troubles are to let off the dissatisfaction for the system. I suggest those people whose dissatisfaction with medical system to perish together with doctors with explosive and commit suicide bombing like Huang Jiguang (revolutionary hero) Dong Cunrui (revolutionary hero) and extremist of Islamic state.

People who commit suicide bombing are all fight for their belief. No matter they believe in God or devil, it is all beliefs. Although I want to eradicate Islamic state, but I think they are all real fighters, while the medical trouble profiteers are not.

If medical trouble profiteers want to become a real fighter, if they really fight for belief, fight for truth, then they should commit suicide bombing like Islamic state to attack doctors and hospital.

If some medical trouble profiteers carry on bomber to kill doctors and hospitals with an explosion. I think only when they swear to dead with black heart doctor can our society realize problems in the medical system, then our country will change the medical system.

Those hit the doctor’s face with hammer thought that economic dispute cannot be sentenced to death. Is this a warrior? Is this fighting for the truth? This is the devil who utilize the bug of regime and judicial system, they utilize the collusion between the judicial system and the devil to extort and conduct hooliganism. Therefore, medical trouble profiteer who cause severe injury or death shall be killed at site to safeguard the order of the society. If suicide bomb which aroused by medical troubles, changes shall be done at medical system.