128. The Wealth of the Condemned Should Be Used as Compensation for Victim

23 January 2018

Today, I saw a hot news on the Internet. Recently, a Chinese killer raped two underage feminines, causing one dead and another one serious injured. In consequence of nine hundred thousand RMB compensation from the perpetrator, the court decided to free him from death sentence. Because of the verdict, netizens believe that if one can free from death as long as he has money, then it is an action of selling righteousness and making deal with devil.

Why is the court made such judgment? Because of the request made by the family of the victim. Because the victim’s family is very poor, they can’t afford the medical expenses, thus the killer’s family proposed this deal, that is saving the killer from death sentence with nine hundred thousand RMB.

It is said that China’s has hidden rules—if the killer pays for money, he can free from death sentence. While if the killer is sentenced to death, then the family of the killer doesn’t need to pay money for the victim’s family.

I don’t know where these hidden rules come from, which law they are based on. Because in according to normal logic, people should take responsibility with their own actions.The killer must be responsible for their own behavior.

There’s no need to kill all the perpetrator’s family. People who commit crime or kill people have nothing to do with their family, the family needn’t assume joint responsibility. It’s okay. But it is a common sense that the killer should assume responsibility for their act of murder.

The responsibilities of the murderer, in addition to their own life, need to be compensated by the property bearing their own name. Therefore, wealthy people who commit crime should pay money and their life for the murder. These are two completely non-conflicting things. The court should compensate the victim by the property bearing their own name, and the rest wealth is legacy, which should be inherited by the murderer’s family.

Once the murderer commit crime, the court should seal all the wealth of the murderer immediately, and allocate it after the end of the case, the money that used for compensation should give to the victim, while the money that belong to murderer’s family should inherited by his family. Because the criminal need to assume the responsibility for their own behavior, it is not only the need to pay their life for the murder, but also the wealth of the criminal belongs to the subjects that need the court to judge, sentence, divide, and settle.

Because in the relationship between criminal and victim, the victim is entitled to require compensation for the loss that caused by the criminal’s behavior.

Therefore, the victim’s family has the right to the property of the criminal.

It is justice and righteousness. But it is necessary for the court to decide how much should be compensated for the economic joint liability other than the death penalty, and how much should be inherited by the family.

Given the criminal’s age is about fifty years in this case, he must have respectable property, and it should more than nine hundred thousand RMB. The property that bear his name shall be sealed by the court, and shall be judged after trail, other than employed by the criminal’s family to negotiate with the victim. This is ridiculous. Unless some destitute criminals, they don’t have property, but some people are willing to pay for his life, this is negotiable.