127. Good People and Bad People

8 January 2018

I grow up with my grandparents, although I only live with my grandfather for a few years before he passed away. They have always been telling me to be a good people. The distinction between good people and bad people is quite blurred.

Now, let me define good people and bad people in my own viewpoint. I am not a big fan of my grandfather, who is an alcoholic and gambles a lot. However, he is an intellectual and speaks English very well. He used to do business with foreigners before China’s liberation.

However, whenever he is drunk, he will tell the story of “biting mother’s nipples.” I have listened for dozens of time and this makes me disgusted. However, the story tells profound truth. Modern people are anomic.

I think my grandfather should come back to life and tell the story of “biting mother’s nipples” to all the Chinese parents and foreigners repeatedly.

Everyone should listen to it for dozens of times, and the parents should then tell it to their children. This is the basic education and the good and the evil.

The story of biting mother’s nipples:

There is a robber who has done a lot of bad things and finally got caught.

Before being executed, the judge asked him if he had any requirement. The robber said that he wanted to be breastfed again by his mother. The judge satisfied him and brought his mother to him.

When the robber saw his mother, he bit his mother’s nipple off. Her mother asked the robber why he did this. The robber said that when I did bad things when I was young, my mother never told me that this was wrong. Instead, she spoiled me, which made me do more wrong things with more serious consequences until now, I was executed. My mother was the one who I hate most.

In the past, the robber does highjack, now it is the financial fraud.

In my perspective, the definition of good people and bad people are like this. Whoever can create wealth through labor and serve others so that people can benefit from him or her, those are the good people. Good people create wealth through making contributions to others and the society. Whoever harm others and the society or country to become rich are bad people. No matter if his behavior is rightful or not, it can be measured through the two standards. Because the law can be taken advantage of, some people are too powerful to believe that they make the laws. Therefore, it is not absolutely right to distinguish good people and bad people from whether their behaviors are legal or not. However, it is absolute right to measure from the perspective of whether they have brought damages to other people, the society, and the nation.

This is especially true to our times when the new things keep emerging and the development of law always behind, just like P2P and payday loan. When the robbers are robbing through P2P and payday loan, they are totally legitimate, however, they should be executed considering the consequences they have brought about.

I distinguish the good people and bad people through this standard in the conditions of P2P and payday loan.

If the companies and management are benefiting the country and people, I will follow them to help them and bless them.

If I determine that they are scamming, I will figure out how to destroy them and get them out of the market. I am the most familiar with the insurance company, there are good people and bad people within the insurance company. There are good companies and bad companies, good management and bad management.

Some say that insurance companies are deceiving people, this is not correct. Because the pricing, protection provided to the customers and services of the insurance products are following certain rules and scientific truths. Therefore, anyone who have bought the insurance product cannot be described as being cheated. Every product has its own value. Therefore, you cannot say that the insurance salesmen are deceiving people when they are selling the products. In fact, they are doting the good things, at least not bad ones. However, some of them are doing evil things and being the bad guy.

For example, a product needs to be paid for five years, but the salesman informs the client that only one year payment is needed, which causes great financial loss for the client. This is the evil thing.Also, in order to earn commission, the salesman will sign some invalid contracts and make the clients cancel the insurance in the next year, which brings huge losses for the nation and the company.

There are more than one thousand people who are doing this in my former company, this is coming across the bad people, bad bosses, bad teams, and bad companies.

Are they legitimate? Of course, they are, their bosses make them do this, which makes it legal.

Are they robbers? Of course, they are. If our nation and society do not execute them, there will be a lot of people protect them. Not only a lot of people are protecting them, there are also the white-left wing in the western countries, the great whore, and devils.

Compared with the real immoral people, big liars and robbers, the bad people in my former company sound like nothing because there are too many people who are worse than them in this world. Too many people are harming other people. What we need are not laws and regulations, but also faith. The faith to goodness and evil. No matter you are legitimate or not, we will fight with the bad people to the end. Until we destroy them all.

We can analyze some typical cases and events.

1. Selling crutch

Selling crutch, the short sketch of Zhao Benshan, is widely known in China. Although this is an artist work rather than a typical case, the assessment and evaluation of the artist work is of great realistic significance.

Some people think that it is illegal to sell crutch, which should not be advocated and should be fought again. I don’t think so.

Selling crutch to the not lame people is like selling insurance to the people who do not understand it. What we should care is not about bragging, but about the nature of the incident.

Now let’s go deep into the nature of the phenomenon.

a. There is the part of deceiving and bragging in the transaction.
b. The transaction is based on real substance, which is the production cost and certain reasonable profit. Selling crutch and insurance is to sell the intrinsic value and reasonable value to the buyers through bragging. Although this is not right, but it is within the acceptable tolerance scope.

To lie a little bit so that the product with value can be sold to others is not a big mistake. Especially when people are in great poverty and need money, it is not making a little lie to sell a valuable product. Whether it is wrong, it is not determined by the fact of if one lies, but by whether the product is valuable or not, and by if you have sold the forged and faked products, toxic products or unreal products others in high prices.

To sell valuable products to other people is not making mistakes. However, if you have sold the forged and faked products, toxic products or unreal products others in high prices, this is something wrong and should be fought against and the criminals should be executed.

We are criticizing selling crutches verbally and flaunting about ourselves. However, to the people who have cheated others for millions of moneys, we ignore then and tolerant them, this is the real evil and behaviors of devil.

Recently I read a news telling that the staff of Agricultural Bank of China transfers billions of moneys from the clients in the name of deposit, and the bank claims that this is the employee’s personal behavior and the bank is not responsible for it. This is the real robber and real devil.

Who is qualified to criticize the selling of crutch? If the real bad people and robbers are executed, then you are qualified to judge whether it is fraudulent behavior in people’s defective behaviors of normal transactions. This is the nature of the incident, that is whether you are selling valuable products, or it is pure fraud. To play dumb and make profit in the pure fraud. But being critical about ordinary transactions, this is showing off, not upholding justice.

2. Selling Health Care Products

Some health care products have real values, but some are purely cheating the consumers. For example, I believe the products of Amway are of their own value.

However, some products are just starch, which is to fool the consumers. I think it is robbing people when you make the consumers to buy products with prices much higher than the real value through cheating.

When they are making money, they are not making contribution to the society and other people.

3. Transacting Poisonous and Harmful Food

There is distinction of levels in regard to the poisonous and harmful food.

a. Expired food

b. Moldy contaminated food, such as meat of dead sick pigs, edible oil recovered from garbage

c. Harmful foods, such as nuclear radiation foods, cadmium exceeding rice, melamine milk powder, plasticizer cream, Sudan Red and other dyed food, industrial additive foods.

d. Chemical raw materials, synthetic food, fake eggs, fake noodles. These are not real food but pseudo food.

The bad people and robbers are also classified into different levels according to the harms brought to the society and other people.